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How to change Google Assistant for Amazon Alexa on your Android phone

23 mayo, 2021

Google Assistant has become, on its own merits, one of the best voice assistants at mobile level. However, there are other proposals. Within Android, we can bet on Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, which also does an interesting job.

We are going to teach you how to change Google Assistant for Amazon Alexa on your Android phone Since, with few exceptions as a result of the collaboration between the manufacturer and Amazon, most Android phones come with the Google Assistant installed.

First of all, disable the Google Assistant

Disable Google Assistant Android

Unless your mobile has its own assistant like Bixby, the most common is that the Google Assistant is activated by default, so let’s get rid of it before proceeding to install Alexa. In order to disable Google Assistant We have to go to the Google application, go to the settings and there, select ‘Google Assistant’.

Although we are going to configure Alexa as the default assistant application, it is recommended to deactivate the Google Assistant to have a single main assistant working on the device

Within the Wizard settings we are going to click on ‘Telephone’. Once we are in this submenu we will see a toggle that will allow us to activate or deactivate the Google Assistant. In this case, we uncheck it and that’s it. Thus Google Assistant is completely disabled from your phone and it will not be invoked even if there is hardware dedicated to it (Pixel frames, dedicated buttons, etc).

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Installing and configuring Amazon Alexa instead

Alexa Android

Once we have deactivated the Google Assistant, we are going to download Amazon Alexa from the Play Store, it’s completely free. When opening Alexa, we will be asked sign in with an Amazon account. In the event that you have used the Amazon app on your mobile, the most common is that the password is already saved on your device thanks to Smart Lock. If we don’t have an account, it will give us the option to create one.

Alexa will ask us to say some phrases to create the voice pattern. Once created, touch set the wizard as the default application

After confirming our identity, the Alexa voice learning. Instead of the repeated ‘Ok Google’ command, Alexa asks us to say several phrases. “Alexa, what is the weather today?” “Alexa, put music on.” After saying four sentences, the voice profile will have been created.

Alexa Android Default

Once Alexa is configured, we are going to configure it as the default Assistant of our Android phone. For it, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open Android settings
  • Go to ‘Applications’
  • Click on ‘Default applications’
  • Under ‘Support App’, change the Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa

Once you have done this, you can invoke Alexa with a long press on the home button, just like you did before to call the Google Assistant. The speed is similar to that of Assistant, although the interface is somewhat more sparse.

Alexa is a great option if you have products like the Amazon Echo in your home. It has a powerful device manager to manage them from the wizard. In the same way, it has integration with Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, in addition to the option of ‘communication’, very interesting to emit voice messages on your devices with Alexa even if we are away from home.