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How to change mobile, SIM or company without losing contacts and personal calendar

23 mayo, 2021

Keep contacts It is one of the main concerns when we change mobile. Before smartphones we had it more complicated because they used to be stored in the SIM and, when it was full, they began to be stored in the phone, that is if we did not lose or break the SIM.

Currently we have many more tools at our fingertips so as not to lose the contacts stored on the mobile, but if we do not keep an order we can also end up with contacts scattered on the phone, the MicroSD card, the SIM or cloud services. There are many ways to avoid this situation, but if you use Google services we will explain what it is the best method to always have all your contacts available no matter what device you log in from.

Google sync to the rescue

Normally, the contact is an issue that does not concern us until we have to change mobile and we find that part of our agenda does not appear on the new device. This may be because some of the contacts were stored in the memory of the old phone.

We can solve it with a tool to transfer data or by exporting the contacts to the new terminal. The problem is that if we put them back in the phone’s memory, when we change mobile again, the same thing is very likely to happen to us. However, if we store all the contacts in the same place accessible from any device we get a permanent solution. That place is our Google account.

If we have all our contacts in the same Google Contacts account, we will only have to log in to another device to have your contacts sync, And it also works on both Android and iOS.

Move all contacts to Google Contacts

And how do I transfer all the contacts to the Google account? The answer will depend on where you have them stored, but usually you can unify them all from the Google Contacts app, both on the mobile as well as in its desktop version.

Google Contacts

If you access Contacts from your computer with your Google account, in the left panel you will see the Import option. Clicking on it will open several options for import contacts from various mail services and also from CSV or vCard files.

Google Contacts

If you do the process from your mobile, first download the Google Contacts app (if you don’t already have it installed) and go to Settings to be able to enter the Import option. Again, here you can import contacts from different sources such as the SIM card, a .vcf file or the phone itself.

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Join duplicate contacts

It is possible that in the process of importing all your contacts there are some that appear several times, either because you had them in several services or because on the one hand there is the phone and on the other the mail. To avoid the mess, there is an option to join those duplicate contacts.

Duplicate Google Contacts

You just have to enter the web version of Google Contacts and look for the Duplicates option in the side panel. If it detects several repeated entries, it will offer you suggestions to unite them in a single contact.

Sign in with your Google account

Google Contacts login

Once you have transferred all the contacts to Google Contacts, having them on any device is as simple as log in with the same account. By default, the synchronization of the contacts is activated as standard so you will not have to do anything other than wait for all of them to synchronize.

As we said at the beginning, this method is useful both for when we launch a new Android mobile as if it is a device with iOS since the support for Google accounts is available on both platforms. In addition, as we have already seen, it can also be accessed from the computer.

Using Google synchronization is one more method of the many that exist to store our contact list, but without a doubt one of the most practical to forget about having to import and export telephones or emails. Which one do you use?