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How to change my country in Google Play to download blocked applications in mine

21 mayo, 2021

Content blocking by region is one of the biggest plagues of the digital age. That you can’t see this here, that you can’t hear this there, that that application is not available in your country. Insert a thousand swear words here. But, as usual, there are always nifty ways to get around some of those restrictions, it all depends on how interested you are in doing it.

Spoiler alert: It is a tedious and time consuming process. If you want change your country in Google Play To download blocked applications on yours, you will have to create a new Google account. If what you want is to change your country because you simply moved and the Play Store continues to treat you as if you were still in the other (it happened to me) the process is also annoying, but not as much as in the previous case. We will explain both to you.

How to change my country in iTunes to download blocked apps in mine


Before starting

This is a sweet recommendation for those who want to save themselves the headache: the best thing you can do to download Android applications that are not available in your country is to go to sites like APK Mirror. There you look for the app you want and you only have to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources on Android.

APK Mirror is popular for its huge repository updated daily, for your security, since it directly extracts APKs from the Play Store and you don’t have the risk of downloading trout apps with malware, and because it is not a place to go to steal paid apps, there are only apps that can be downloaded for free in the Google store.

If you really want to change the country because you need it, these are the steps:

Change the country of your Google account

If you moved to another country and you want your Play Store to reflect the prices in the currency of that country and also show you all the applications available in that territory, unfortunately it is not enough to have a SIM from an operator in that country, or with what the device detects that you are in that site. You have to change your address manually.

Here it is not worth going to Gmail and changing your country. You have to go to the Google Wallet Settings.

  • Go to the Google payment center page and log in with your account.
  • Press the option Setting in the left panel.
  • Choose your new country.
  • Edit your name and address and add the new one
  • Save changes
Google Payment Center

It is It is absolutely essential that you also add a form of payment whose billing address matches the country to which you want to change your Play Store. If you want to access the Play Store in Spain, you must add a credit card with an address in Spain.

Now that you have a valid payment method and that you have manually changed your address from the payment center, open the Play Store and browse for any payment application, click on it and then on TO BUY. When the option “CONFIRM“You do not need to finalize the purchase.

Close the Play Store and delete the application data from Android Settings: Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Storage> Clear Data.

Clear Google Play Store Data

Reopen the Play Store and now you should see the applications in the currency of that country. Sometimes changes are not taken immediately, and may take a few hours to take effect. You must accept the terms of service again when you open the Play Store again.

The payment method from the same country is essential, if you don’t have your own, you can use someone else’s, the owner does not matter what matters is the billing address.

Use an account from another country on Google Play

This method is for those who have even more time to spend and who are not satisfied with the solution offered to download APKs, or simply do not have a valid payment method for the country you want to use.

You may use the Play Store of another country as long as you create a Google account for that country. This means that with your current account it will not work, unless you have the payment method. So the first thing is to create a new Google account from the country in question.

For this, it is necessary to use a VPN, both in the browser when creating the account, and from Android when logging in. I have used Tunnelbear, because for this the free megabytes it gives are more than enough.

  • The first thing is to download the VPN on Android and make sure it works.
  • The second thing is to create a new Google account also using a VPN with the location of the country whose account you want to create. You can create a UK account and put a phone from Spain, that’s not a problem.
  • And the third thing is to delete your current Google account from the device: Settings> Accounts> Google> Remove account.
Delete Google Account

Now delete the data from the Play Store as we teach you in this same article above.

Delete Application Data

Open the VPN on Android and choose the country with which we are going to configure the Google account that we already created. Once it’s working it’s time to open the Play Store again.

Play Store Uk A Google account created just for this …

Log in with your new Google account details and you’re done. You should see the items in the store in the currency of that country. You don’t need to add a payment methodSince it is a new account, you can skip that step for now.