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How to change the background in Facebook Messenger video calls

26 mayo, 2021

Zoom is the application that made changing the background in video calls fashionable, although over time it has been integrated into a large part of similar applications, including Traditional video calls and Messenger rooms.

In the filters and effects available in Messenger video calls, a tab called Money. Ready-to-use virtual funds are integrated into it. At the moment you can only use the predefined backgrounds, although Facebook has announced that you will soon be able to use your own photos and animated GIFs.

Virtual backgrounds for your video calls

If you have a little messy house before the video call in question, don’t worry, it can be fixed in post-pro. Or rather, it can be exchanged for a virtual background within Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Rooms is now available: so you can make video calls with up to 50 people from your computer, Android and iOS

The virtual funds are available from now on in the two types of video calls supported by Facebook Messenger: normal video calls and Messenger Rooms. In both cases the system works exactly the same.


To change the background in a Messenger call, you must first tap on smiley face icon in your camera preview. Note that this icon only appears after a single tap on your video and is hidden after a few seconds.

The filters and effects panel will open at that moment, where it is now included the Funds section. Facebook Messenger comes with a good handful of funds out of the box that work quite well.

Messenger shows you above the background, that moves in sync with the movements of the mobile. The funds available are quite varied, from deserts to beaches, palaces, balloons and others somewhat psychedelic. In the future it is planned that an additional button will be included here to use your own images as a background.