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How to change the Emojis of your Android to put those of iPhone or any other brand

22 mayo, 2021

Few graphic elements arouse more attraction than Emojis. And it is that these tiny emoticons with a nice aspect are quite an institution: from WhatsApp to Facebook, no application is saved without placing an Emoji between the words. And of course, not all of us like the appearance that those emoticons have on our smartphone.

Do you want to change the look of the Emojis on your phone? There is no problem: it is possible to do it on mobile phones from Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Realme or OPPO, among many others (and in the rest with ROOT). Although yes, you should know that the appearance is changed only in the applications of your phone: the recipient of the Emoji will continue to see the emoticons depending on how they are represented on their mobile or tablet. And it also depends on the application, since WhatsApp or Telegram use their own Emojis, similar to those of iOS.

How to change the Emojis of your Android so that they resemble those of the iPhone? The key is in change the font so that your phone represents how it looks like iOS does. And it is really simple with one application: zfont.

Change Emojis just by changing the font

Change Android Emojis

The change process is simple and also reversible: you can put the iPhone Emojis on your Android in just a few steps; or the Emojis of Facebook, Windows and other systems and applications, the choice is yours. Although yes, it does not work on all Android: as we said, this process is suitable for most Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO or Realme. You will need to test the method to make sure it works for you.

How to make emoji combinations with Gboard

Start by downloading the zFont application: it is a free app to change the font type on Android devices. Contains some advertisements.

zFont - Custom Font Installer

zFont – Custom Font Installer

Once you have installed the zFont application we can start with the change of Emojis:

  • Open zFont and go to the Emoji tab.
  • Go to iOS_v13.3 (or any other kind of Emojis).
  • Download the package by clicking on ‘Download’ and, once downloaded, click on ‘Set’.
  • Choose the manufacturer of your mobile. In our case we have selected ‘Xiaomi’. Depending on the brand you will have to specify more data (Android version or type of installation, for example).
  • zFont will create a theme pack for you to apply from the application of the same name, the one with your phone. And, depending on the installation method, you will have to put the Emojis in one way or another (by restarting the phone or applying the theme created from the ‘Themes’ application).
Change Android Emojis

Once the theme is applied with the new Emojis you will see that these appear on the keyboard you use to type, also in the applications (unless they use their own Emojis). In the event that they do not appear on the keyboard, try clearing its cache from the application settings (it works with Gboard and SwiftKey, for example).

Change Android Emojis Left, Gboard with Android 9 Pie Emojis; right, Gboard with the iOS 13 Emojis

What do you want to reverse the Emojis to recover the original emoticons? Go to your theme application and apply the original interface of the phone: you will recover the design that the manufacturer of your mobile has given to the Emojis.