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How to change the keyboard language in WhatsApp

23 mayo, 2021

Yes you chat on WhatsApp multiple languages Often times, you want to be able to change the keyboard language to access all the letters without juggling or long keystrokes. This in languages ​​that share the Latin alphabet, because for other types of alphabets you cannot write directly unless you change the language.

If you want change the language of the WhatsApp keyboard on an Android mobile, the process is not carried out from the mobile settings (where you can change the language of the applications, WhatsApp included), but in the keyboard application settings. We will see how it is done in the main keyboards for Android, although in others the process should be similar.

How to change WhatsApp keyboard on iPhone and Android


If you use GBoard

If you don’t know which keyboard app your phone has, you most likely have Gboard, the name given to the Google keyboard. It is the keyboard app pre-installed on most Android phones, although there are brands that choose to include their own keyboard, such as Samsung, or to use SwiftKey.

In Gboard, to change the keyboard language, you must first add other languages. There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to do a long tap on the globe icon until the window opens. Change keyboard. Press then Language settings.

Language settings

You will then see the designs and languages ​​that you currently have configured on the Google keyboard. If you want to add more, press Add keyboard. You will then see a list with all the supported languages, some of them with an arrow that indicates that said language is included with different variants.

After choosing a language you will see a screen with options on said keyboard, as well as different designs. This may seem confusing, but there are different key formats that may or may not interest you. For example, the old predictive typing mode or a QWERTY keyboard. Choose which designs you want to activate -generally the default option is sufficient- and press Clever.


Once this is done, you already have the language added to the keyboard, and therefore you can already use it in WhatsApp. You can use the same long press menu to change the keyboard language from the menu, although it is easier to do a normal keystroke. With it they will alternate between the different languages ​​available. This is the summary of the process to change the keyboard language in Gboard:

  • Long tap on the globe icon on the keyboard

  • In the window that opens, tap Language settings

  • Press Add keyboard

  • Choose the language you want to add

  • Choose the key configuration you want to add (when in doubt, the default option is recommended)

  • From that moment, you can change the language with a normal press – not long – on the globe button

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If you use SwiftKey

If you use SwiftKey, the process is a bit different. Similarly, first of all you will need to add the other languages. To do this you need to enter the swiftkey settings. To do this, press the button with the three dots on the top bar (if you don’t have this bar, press the button next to the predictive text to show it). Then click on Settings.


In the settings menu, tap Languages to find you with the list of all languages ​​supported in SwiftKey. In this case the process is a little simpler, because you only need tap on the language you want to add and SwiftKey will take care of downloading and adding it, without you having to do anything. Come back to start using your keyboard.


Now with multiple languages, SwiftKey will allow you to switch between the installed languages sliding your finger sideways on the space bar. As you do so, the installed languages ​​are displayed depending on which way you slide.


Please note that SwiftKey uses the same keyboard for languages ​​that share the same alphabet (such as Spanish and English), so you will not see the option to change language in those cases. This is because SwiftKey can use the same keyboard with predictions for up to five different languages. This is the summary of the whole process to change the keyboard language in Swiftkey:

  • Click on the … button on the top bar of the keyboard

  • Tap on Settings

  • Tap on Languages

  • Choose the language you want to add to SwiftKey

  • Go back

  • Since then, switch between languages ​​by sliding your finger sideways on the space bar