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How to change your profile picture on WhatsApp

21 mayo, 2021

Using a messaging application has become essential today. Since most people use smartphones, and there is at least one message app on each of them, sending a text adorned with Emojis and stickers usually saves a lot of time, also money. And there is no doubt that one application stands out among the rest: WhatsApp.

It is not the only messaging application, but it is the one that is used the most; so this is advantageous: it does not matter what mobile phone number you want to contact, the safest thing is that you can send him a message using WhatsApp. And you always need to identify yourself so that they recognize you at the moment, especially the people who do not yet have you on the agenda. To do this, WhatsApp enables the personalization of the profile.


Change your WhatsApp profile picture from your mobile

Change WhatsApp Profile Photo

With the name and the telephone number, those in your closest circle can recognize you, but surely with the photo they no longer harbor any doubt: it is the best way to show that you are the person behind the messages.

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WhatsApp enables the personalization of the profile photo when the application is started for the first time or the phone number is re-registered. If you have already done it, and now you don’t know how to change the photo again, you will only have to perform the following steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile.
  • Click on the three upper menu points, at the top right, and choose the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Squeeze in the profile area, at the top. You will access the edition of the visible data of your account.
  • To change the profile photo in WhatsApp you have to click on the camera icon, the one on the edge of your profile photo.
Change WhatsApp Profile Photo
  • Choose ‘Gallery’ if you want to upload a photo you have already taken as a profile photo; and ‘Camera? If you want to take a photo at the moment.
  • Once the photo is uploaded you will have to adjust it to the dimensions of the circle: drag it with your finger, and adjust its size by pinching the screen, so that your profile is to your liking.
  • Click on ‘Ok’ and you will have changed your profile picture on WhatsApp.

You can choose any photo, either yours or an object or animal that identifies you. Our recommendation is that you put a self-portrait as current as possible so that everyone recognizes you at the time. Although this also has its drawbacks: anyone who knows your number, and doesn’t know you yet, will know what you are like. You have to assess what it is that compensates you the most.

Change your WhatsApp profile picture from your computer

Change WhatsApp Profile Photo

What do you prefer to use the computer to change your profile photo? Maybe you have the photo you want to use there and you don’t feel like sending it to your mobile to upload it from there. And it does not involve any complications, you can change it using WhatsApp Web.

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With the web version of WhatsApp you have the option to send messages from a desktop browser instead of from your mobile (you must link both devices). What’s more, WhatsApp Web enables a basic configuration of the serviceHow to change your profile picture: just follow a few steps.

  • Open your computer’s browser and load the page.
  • Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile, click on the three menu items (top right) and select WhatsApp Web.
  • You will see that the camera notice pops up: accept and point your mobile at the QR code that will have appeared on the computer.
Change WhatsApp Profile Photo
  • When the two have been paired all your chats will be on the computer screen. Then, click on the circle of your profile, the one that appears in the upper left part of the screen.
  • Hover over the photo until ‘Change profile photo’ pops up. Click.
Change WhatsApp Profile Photo
  • Choose ‘Upload photo’ (or take if you want to take it with the webcam).
  • Find the photo you want on your computer and accept to upload it.
  • Now you just have to drag the image with the cursor and enlarge or reduce it with the ‘+’ and the ‘-‘ on the right. Adjust the photo to the circle as you wish.
  • Press on the green ‘v’ and you will have already changed the photo of your WhatsApp profile.

When you change your profile photo, all your WhatsApp contacts will see the new image. Of course, they will not know what has changed until they enter the application and see their conversations with you: WhatsApp does not notify anyone of photo changes, nor if you change the profile status (the text that accompanies your name).