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How to charge the mobile battery to extend its useful life

24 mayo, 2021

With the arrival of lithium ion batteries as a substitute for nickel ones, we said goodbye to the memory effect, the one that “forced” us to leave the mobile charging before using it, or discharge it completely before connecting it to the charger. We went from worrying about this to taking into account charge cycles and lifespan of Li-ion batteries, its temperature, charging speeds and dozens of factors that affect its aging.

We are going to give you some tips for charge your mobile battery and extend its useful life. It’s about small tips that, if they are followed daily, can make your battery last a greater number of cycles, reducing its degradation as much as possible.

Keep the battery between 20 and 80% charged

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Keeping the charge between 20 and 80% is not just a recommendation, it is the trend that even firms like Tesla are following to Prolong the battery life. Similarly, both Apple and OnePlus, among others, charge up to 80% normally and reach 100% very slowly, for more than an hour, to minimize battery stress. This approach is based on the fact that between 0 and 20%, and between 80 and 100%, batteries suffer greater stress, reducing their useful life. Thus, the recommendation is to keep the battery between 20 and 80%, the optimal range for lithium ion.

If we are not root, we can use applications that notify us when the battery reaches a certain level of charge. If we are root, we can limit it, directly

How can we get the battery to stay in this range? If we are not root users, one of the best options is to use applications like BatteryGuru. This application allows us to establish battery ranges, sending notifications when the terminal exits these. This way you will not have to be so aware, since if it falls below 20% or rises above 80% you will be notified and you can load or unload the phone at will.

Battery Charge Limit

If we are root users, we can limit the load directly. Battery Charge Limit is one of them. With this application we change the value from which the phone stops charging, thus being able to configure that, at 80%, the current received by the phone is cut off.

Although keeping the battery in this range is recommended, do not get obsessed with these figures. If one day we run out of battery, or if we decide charge the phone up to 100% at night (something we will talk about later), nothing happens. Simply by keeping the battery in this range we extend its useful life.

Does it save battery or does it help to reduce the resolution of our mobile?

Monitor battery temperature


High temperatures imply degradation of the electronic elements of the mobile, and the battery does not get rid of it. For this reason, manufacturers such as OnePlus have been working on charging systems such as Dash Charge since 2016, which focus on accumulate heat inside the charger, preventing the mobile battery from heating up. Another curious case is that of the OPPO Find X, whose 3,400mAh battery is made up of two 1,700mAh batteries, something that allows the load to be distributed and the temperature does not rise so much.

Checking the temperature of the battery, especially in summer, can help us prevent it from suffering more than necessary

To check the battery temperature there are tools, such as GSam Battery Monitor. With this application we can check how many degrees is the temperature of the device and set alarms when the temperature goes above certain degrees.

When charging the device, it is recommended put it on a relatively cool surface, in which you can reduce the temperature of your battery if it was previously hot. Server, without going any further, leaves the mobile charging on the ground in the hot months.

Do not use the mobile while charging it

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Charging the mobile while using it may be common, but it causes further battery degradation. On the one hand, we are stressing the battery by draining it at the same time it receives a charge and, on the other, the temperature of the same will increase if we use it connected to the current. Although, again, we clarify that nothing happens to do this from time to time, the recommendation is to leave the mobile charging without use, so that the charging process is carried out with the mobile at rest.

Use the original charger whenever you can


Currently, there are several standards for charging. Qualcomm has Quick Charge, OnePlus works with its Dash Charge, OPPO with Super VOOC, Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo, etc. This implies that each brand (and each terminal of the same) has a charger with a specified voltage and intensity, which do not have to match those of a generic charger.

Many manufacturers work on proprietary charging technologies, optimized for their mobiles. Using another charger makes us stop taking advantage of these benefits

In addition, as we explained in the case of Dash Charge, on many occasions manufacturers optimize chargers so that they work better with their own phones, so it is highly recommended. always use the charger that comes in the phone box. Using a generic charger does not have to damage the life of your battery, but if the manufacturer’s charge is more optimized and designed specifically for your phone, it is better to bet on it.

Charge the mobile at times

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In a traditional way, we have left the mobile charging at night. Having seen that the ideal is to keep the battery between 20 and 80%, it makes sense charge the mobile at different intervals, causing the battery to oscillate between these values. For example, nothing happens if in the morning you have the battery at 80%, you drop it to 50% at noon, and you recharge it to 80% to have power until the evening.

Cycles are only completed when the battery is 100% charged. If we charge a lower percentage, it does not count as a cycle, it is only the proportional part of it

Battery cycles complete when battery is 100% charged, so charging from 50% to 80% does not imply a charging cycle, but the proportional part of it (in this example, 30%, there is still 70% left to reach the cycle). If you work in the office or at home, it is not a bad idea to have a charger on hand to carry out small charges during the day.

Calibrate the mobile battery from time to time

Calibrate Battery

Sometimes our mobile may do not show the actual battery percentage you have. If your mobile has ever been turned off at 15% or similar situations, it is more than likely due to this. The battery level shown by Android is calculated based on certain operations carried out by the system and, although it is not something 100% accurate, the reading should be as realistic as possible. You can follow our tutorial to calibrate the battery to perform this process when you suspect that something is wrong.