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How to cheat your mobile and simulate fake locations

26 mayo, 2021

We carry our mobile with us everywhere. If you also have the location always active, it is very possible that you have a very precise control of where you have been at all times. On Android the location It serves as a guide for Google Maps, help to find curious places or simply to attach it next to your vacation photo and tell all your friends how far you have been.

Today we bring you a little tutorial to falsify the location that the mobile detects. And for example, despite being at home, saying that we are in New York, Paris or anywhere in the world. A trick that can be useful on more than one occasion but that we recommend using responsibly.

Fake GPS and other applications to falsify the location

The Android system itself allows modifying this location but to choose the place to our liking the easiest thing is through specific applications for it. In a quick search on Google Play we will find many of these applications; since Fake GPS until GPS simulator.

The operation of all of them is very similar, some allow us to add favorite sites and other more complete ones even allow us to create virtual routes. Here we leave you the three that we have used for this article, but any other equivalent will also work for you.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free4.9

Fake GPS

Fake GPS4.7.9

GPS simulator

GPS simulator1.36

Fake GPS

Fake GPS location

Allow test locations

Fake Locations Options

For these applications to work, you will have to activate a tab of the development options. We remember that to activate these options you will have to go to Settings> Device information and press seven times on the compilation number. If you already have the development options activated we can continue.

When opening the Fake GPS application or equivalent, a message will appear to give the location permission. Then a message will jump to us where we must go to the programmer or development options and there allow test locations to simulate location.

When you click, a list of the applications compatible with this function appears. We will choose the one we want to use. From this moment, the system is given permission for that application to determine the location that the mobile will detect and the rest of applications will use.

Choose the location we want to emulate

Fake Gps

The next step is the easiest of all. The design of these applications to deceive the mobile consists of a map of the whole world where we will place a point. That location will be the one the system detects from then on. If we mark New York the device will believe that we are in the USA, if we mark Paris the same.

It is important to note that these applications what they do is change the GPS location, but many applications like Pokémon GO can also detect our IP and check if it corresponds to the GPS location. Those applications that base their business model on localization tend to ban these deceptions. We will need a VPN to complement the simulation of the location.

Once the location is established, a notification will appear. Also remember that when we stop simulating the location, the test locations permit will have to be canceled development options.

From Google Maps to Instagram, any location is valid

Fake Android Location

After choosing a fake location we can check it with an application like Google Maps. All you have to do is press the floating button for my location and it will teleport us directly to the location chosen with the applications. Another time where you can check is at write a tweet and attach your location or upload a photo to Instagram. You know, if you buy sushi and you want to surprise your friends, tag the photo as if you were in Japan.

Another time where a fake location can come in handy is at WhatsApp, to send someone your location, making them believe that you are somewhere else. It is an interesting tool and can be done easily. What ideas can you come up with to take advantage of this feature?

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