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how to check all the apps and games you have downloaded and rated on Android

22 mayo, 2021

The Google application store hides some interesting shortcuts that allow you to consult all the movements you’ve made inside her. From which games and apps you have downloaded to which ones you have paid for and even which ones you have valued and how, all of this is completely accessible from your smartphone.

This, of course, will depend on have you always used the same account from Google to download applications. If you used a different account on your first phone whose credentials you don’t remember now, you won’t be able to access its history. Having said which, we are going to see how to know your “Android history” through your activity.

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Everything you’ve downloaded

Android apps

This is possibly the simplest option. To access all the applications and games that you have downloaded to Android throughout your life, you simply have to access Google Play, display the menu by sliding to the right and access “My applications and games”. Indeed, it is the same menu in which pending updates are displayed. Once there, go to the “Collection” tab.

If you scroll down indefinitely you will load all your application history, from the first to the last, and you will be able to see how your use has evolved (or not), as well as some of those mythical applications that now, luckily or unfortunately, have fallen into disuse. In my case, without going any further, the first application I downloaded was Tuenti, followed by Angry Birds Space and Defenders II. You can also access your history from the browser through this link.

Everything you’ve paid for

Google Play purchases

If you prefer to focus on everything that has cost you money, you can always access the Orders history. You can do it from the web or from Google Play by opening the menu, going to “Account” and accessing “Order history”. What’s in here All apps and games that you have paid for or downloaded for free during an offer, as well as your subscriptions.

Movies, books and songs also appear here, not just apps and games

Next to each application appears the purchase date, price and category, as well as a button with three dots from which to request a refund. The one at the bottom is the first one you bought. In my case it was Nova Launcher Prime, which I bought for three euros on April 1, 2014. It’s funny how, after the launch of Google Opinion Rewards, the number of paid apps purchased grows considerably.

Everything you’ve valued

Google Play Ratings

To see everything you have valued you will have to do it from the browser. Simply go to Google Play and look for the option “My Play activity”. By clicking on it you will see all the applications that you have rated and the score you gave.

If you click on any of the apps shown you can access the comment and edit it, something that never hurts if a developer has fixed a bug that you reported at the time and that was well worth a bad score.

Everything you want

Wish list

Finally, although the past is interesting, it never hurts to look to the future, and it is that from Google Play you can also consult your wish list. This list consists of those apps and games that you have marked so as not to lose sight of them, either because you are not sure about buying them or because you are saving to get them.

You can access this list from the web or from your mobile (by displaying the menu and selecting “Wish List”). You can also uncheck those that no longer interest you.