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How to clean up your Facebook profile in seconds with the new activity tool

22 mayo, 2021

Until now it was not very easy to delete everything published on Facebook, but the company has changed its strategy with its new tool ‘Manage activity’. Thanks to her it is possible remove content easily and without having to delete item by item. Much easier, also faster.

Facebook is one of those social networks that ends up accumulating tons of material without ever disappearing from their networks. Status updates, photos, uploaded videos and a multitude of other content: everything is stored, even publications that you would surely prefer to delete and that you do not do because of the hassle of having to go one by one. At least until now, it is already possible to bulk delete, or archive, all the content you want: the long-awaited administration tool has already reached mobile phones and is very easy to use.

Delete years from Facebook in seconds

Facebook Manage Activity

Accessing all the activity registered on Facebook was not complicated since the social network introduced the option a long time ago in all profiles. But a tool was missing that facilitate bulk administration of everything uploaded, a tool that was just announced this week: ‘Manage activity’. And this tool has begun to reach the accounts, it is surely active in yours.

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Instead of deleting post by post, or photos one at a time, the activity log now allows you to select all the items you want to trash them, or archive them, all at once. This greatly facilitates the cleaning task. And you just have to operate as follows:

  • Open the Facebook application on your mobile, go to your profile and click on the three menu items.
  • Go to ‘Activity Register‘.
Facebook Manage Activity
  • You will see that a new option appears at the top of the screen: ‘Manage activity’. Click there, then accept the lower window (‘Your photos, videos and more’). In the event that the option does not come out, you will have to wait for Facebook to activate it.
  • Now you can choose everything you want to delete or archive: mark the desired items and choose the bottom option you want: ‘Archive’ or ‘Move to trash’.
  • You may filter by categories, date and people from the ‘Filters’ option. This allows you to limit a period of time or see all the publications where a specific contact appears, for example.
Facebook Manage Activity
  • If you click on the upper options of ‘File’ and ‘Trash’ you can access all the content that you have sent to those two sections. Of course, keep in mind that everything that is in the trash it will be permanently deleted 30 days after it has been sent.
  • In case you don’t want to wait, you can permanently delete the contents of the trash by marking the items and clicking on the bottom trash icon.

With the new ‘Manage activity’ tool you will have access to the complete cleaning of your Facebook profile without having to despair managing publication by publication. It saves a lot of time and allows a complete cleaning: either hide the content so that it disappears from your wall with the file or delete it permanently, with a 30-day quarantine, sending it to the trash. Of course, remember that everything that disappears from said bin will no longer come back, so make a copy if you are interested in keeping it.