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How to color, make transparent or translucent the Windows 10 taskbar

26 mayo, 2021

Customization is, in general, something that is liked (and even becomes essential) for a large number of users who are not satisfied with the appearance or functions that operating systems come with, let’s talk about Windows, macOS or Linux. In that sense, despite the fact that over the years more and more possibilities are offered natively, such as dark themes, there are developers who launch tools with which to give a different touch to the appearance of the system. This is the case of Charles Milette, creator of a utility that allows thoroughly modify the Windows 10 taskbar.

We are talking about TranslucentTB, whose star function is to make the Windows 10 taskbar transparent, something that many users look for especially on the desktop, to extend the chosen background to the entire screen. However, there are more advanced options that allow translucent or opaque looks, for example. The options are very varied, and above all, they help the Windows 10 taskbar not look out of place in any situation, that is, when beyond the desktop view, we see the taskbar with a window maximized, or with the start menu displayed, with Cortana or with the Timeline.

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TraslucentTB, how to make the Windows 10 taskbar to your liking


TraslucentTB can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free, and it will only occupy 6.57 megabytes on our hard drive. Once installed, its icon will appear among the icons on the time panel. For the future changes that we make to be applied with each system startup, it will be necessary to mark from “Open at boot“The consumption of RAM is very low, so in principle you should not worry about your use of resources.

Moving on to the options that really interest TraslucentTB, we will choose the option “Regular”, which will be the one that will establish the background or lack of it when we meet at the desk. Within this option, we can choose leave the bar as it comes by default with Windows 10, which would be the “Normal” option, transparent with the “Clear” option, translucent with the “Blur” option, and colored with “Opaque”, with the accent color that we choose in a color picker.

TranslucentTB That’s how disintegrated and ugly the taskbar can look. The image shows the TranslucentTB options.

After that, as said, there are the same options (optionally activated with an “Enable” in each submenu) to choose mode when there is a maximized window, when the Cortana menu and the start menu are displayed, as well as the task Timeline. It offers the possibility that what you like visually in a place or moment of the system, is not noticed disintegrated or not native with respect to the rest of the parts at another moment. Coupled with the extra customization options that came with Windows 10, leaving the system as you originally would have liked it to be is easier than ever.

Also, if you have two computers or are going to format, TraslucentTB allows you to save the options to be restored later, without forcing the user to reconfigure everything.