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How to combine multiple Word documents into one

26 mayo, 2021

If you want to insert a piece of text into another document .Doc preexisting, apparently the simplest option will always be to select the fragment in question and use copy / paste. But, what if what we want is to insert all the content of a Word document into another?

And yes, a simple copy / paste could do, of course … but we would risk lose the formatting of the second document, and to disqualify all the images, tables, etc., of it. Not to mention that, if we wanted to insert the text of several documents, the work would become quite tedious. Let’s see how we can avoid it.

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Inserting the text of a document

So we will do the following: open the document in which we want to paste the text; Within the “Insert” tab of the toolbar, we look for the “Object” element (to the right of “Text Box”), we click and a small menu will be displayed in which we will see the option “Insert text from file”.


Then, we will only have to select the document to insert, and ready: we will have a document combining the texts of both Word files, and respecting their original formats.

Of course: if the document to be inserted contains headers and / or footers, save its structure will require previously inserting individual page breaks (also in the “Insert” tab of the toolbar), before and after the space chosen for insertion.

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How to insert multiple documents at the same time

In the same way that we insert the text of one document into another, we can insert the text of several documents at the same time, just select multiple files after clicking on “Insert text from file”.

The insertion will be made in the same order in which we have made the selection, so it may be a good idea to number your documents to make it easier and avoid mistakes, or having to reorder the text afterwards.

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How to insert only text fragments

But … what if we just wanted to insert a piece of text from another document (like a chapter or paragraph, for example)? In that case, we would have, in the first place, that insert a bookmark linked to the desired portion of text (again, a functionality also available in the “Insert” tab) in the source document.

Then, in the destination document we would click “Insert text from file” and, once the file has been selected but before inserting it, we would click on “Interval”.


MS Word will ask us, as you can see in the image above, to write “the name of the marker or the MS Excel cell range that you want to insert”; if we write the name of the bookmark of the text in question, only the paragraphs linked to it will be inserted, and not the entire document.

The last two tricks are combinable, in such a way that we could insert the marker “Paragraph 1” of several files simultaneously, thus inserting the first paragraph of each one of them, in an orderly manner, in the destination file.