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How to complain to Amazon if you have problems with a product under warranty

23 mayo, 2021

Although it is not usual, the technology and its accessories, appliances and tools that we buy can cause problems outside of the days that stores give to return a product. In the case of Amazon, the easiest way to resort to the guarantee if we are dealing with a product that we have recently purchased is to go to the ” section.My orders‘, which we can find under the section of the’ Account and lists’ section.

Today we are going to explain to you how to complain to Amazon if you have problems with a product under warranty and in ‘My orders’ you are no longer offered support options, so that you can get to talk to Amazon by chat, email or phone directly. The help will be fast and focused on the product that we indicate, with the possibility that Amazon will refund the amount of the product or fix it to us, depending on the case.


How to get Amazon support on a product with warranty issues.

The first thing we will have to do to complain to Amazon about a product under warranty will be, obviously, be logged in with the account of the order on which we want to receive support. Once we have done it, we will have to go to this website where a person can help us. It will appear something like this:

Amazon support

As we see, in this section of the web, the company will ask us to select the type of order we need assistance with: if it is a generic order placed, if it is for the company’s own devices, if it is digital content or if we need help with Prime and others.

In our case we will select ‘Order placed‘. By doing this, Amazon will show us, by default, one of the last orders that we have placed. As our problem is probably related to the warranty of a much older product, we will have to search our order between previous orders. To do this, we will have to click on the ‘Show more products’ button, as we see in the image below.

Amazon Support Warranty

From here, we will see the option to choose the year of our order (it must be in the last two years to have a guarantee, but we can receive technical support of some kind even if it is not under guarantee). Once we select it, which we will do by clicking on the photo of the order or on its name, we will see that something similar to the following image appears:

Amazon Guarantee Assistance

In it there are several options. On the right arrow we can get technical assistance directly, with the possibility that they call us, open a chat or give us a contact with the manufacturer.

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Regarding the arrow on the left, which enables the option that I usually use, to get the menu of step ‘2º’ you will have to click on the blue ticket of step ‘1º’. After that, we will choose, for example, the option ‘Problems with an order or product ‘from the’ Tell us more ‘section. After which another question will be opened to us. In this step, we can choose, for example, the option ‘The product is damaged or incorrect’.

Amazon Support

At that moment, Amazon will offer us three new options in a menu where we can read ‘3 How would you like to get in touch with us?’. The option I recommend is’Telephone‘, with which an operator will call us, but’Chat‘It can be very interesting to have the care we receive saved in text or if we cannot talk on the phone. Finally, there is the option of ‘E-mail‘, but the attention span is much longer. From here on, we are in the hands of an agent who will try to fix our problem, either with a repair or with a refund from Amazon.