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How to configure Facebook to notify you when certain friends publish a post

26 mayo, 2021

Notifications on social networks can become very annoying when they are excessive, that’s why we teach you to deactivate those on Facebook video. But used well they can be a useful tool so as not to lose track of the friends that matter most to us, especially when we have a considerable number of contacts in our feed.

Therefore, today we are going to show you how you can configure Facebook so that notify you when certain friends post something. The alerts are similar to those we receive when someone tags us in a photo, and by being able to choose the specific people about whom we are notified, we can control the noise of notifications we receive to the maximum.

There are two ways to do this, by properly setting up a list of our best friends or by going one by one selecting the specific people we want to be notified about. The first thing we will do, therefore, will be configure Facebook notifications to be able to follow either of these two paths.

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Adjusting notification settings

Notifications Settings

The essential if we don’t want Facebook to bother us more than necessary is to configure it so that it does not send us email notifications. For them we will enter the menu of Setting by opening the drop-down menu at the top right, choose the notification settings and access the option Email.

If we do not want to navigate through menus we can go directly with this link. Once there, to receive the minimum possible e-mail notifications, it would be advisable to choose the option Only notifications about your account, your security and your privacy. Thus, Facebook you will only send us emails with essential information about our safety.

Then inside the menu Notifications We will enter the option On Facebook. We will prepare the base to create a list of close friends activating in Activity of your best friends notifications through Facebook. We remind you that this is not necessary if we are going to select only a certain group of people, but it never hurts if we want to create a list of good friends about whom to receive notifications.

Adding a friend to the list

Receive notifications

Once we have made sure that we have all the notifications under control, it is time to take action. We will do it visiting the profile of our contacts and hovering the mouse over the button Friends so that the drop-down menu appears with the options we need.

If we only want, as we said at the beginning, to send us notifications from a specific friend, it will be enough with click on the option Receive notifications. Now every time this person publishes something we will receive a notification to notify us, and if we want to disable them we will only have to repeat the same process by clicking on the same option to deactivate it.

Facebook notification

If you have configured to receive notifications from your best friends, you can also add your contacts to this list. To do this, by hovering the mouse over the button Friends we will have to click on the option Best friends.

If you don’t want to go one by one, you can also manage your list of best friends by entering the section Friends from your profile. All your contacts will appear, and you will be able to promote them from the list to best friends so that Facebook will notify you of their activities or to eliminate them from the group so that they no longer do so.

If we have followed the steps so that no emails reach usAll these notifications will be limited to appearing in the notifications menu of the social network. Here, the noise we receive will depend on the number of friends about whose publications we want to be notified. My advice is that you do not abuse by adding too many.

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