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how to consult the draft and present the declaration on an Android mobile

26 mayo, 2021

Today, April 1, the campaign to present the Income Statement corresponding to last year, that is, to 2019. As has been happening for years, in addition to the option of going to an office in person (not yet available) or carrying out the procedures through the official website of the Tax Agency, we can do it comfortably from our Android mobile or tablet.

For it, The Tax Agency makes its official application available to us; In this sense, you have to be very careful not to download any of the “fake” apps for rent that we can still find on Google Play. Next, we explain how to consult the draft and submit the 2019 Income Statement with the official Android app.

Consult, file and save your return

Rent 04

Once the official app of the Tax Agency has been downloaded, which is free and available for Android 6.0 or higher, the first thing to do is identify yourself. It is true that there is an option to access the app without identifying yourself, but in that case, it only allows you to access some sections and information, but it is not possible to consult the draft or present the declaration.

Rent 01

Thus, we proceed to identify ourselves and, for this, we have three methods: a reference number, with the Cl @ ve PIN or with an electronic certificate. In our case, we have chosen the Cl @ ve PIN, so we will also have to enter the DNI and its validity date, in addition to the PIN that we receive in the application or by SMS.

Electronic DNI vs digital certificate: what are the differences

If you prefer to do it by reference numberYou must enter the reference received in an SMS or letter, or obtain said reference after entering the figure that appears in a specific box of the previous year’s return.

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Once identified, with our session already started, we must return to the application’s home page (house icon) to enter the section of Income 2019. When doing so, before obtaining the draft, the application may ask you to correct or confirm some detail, such as the tax address.

When you have corrected or ratified the data requested -or, if there is no data pending correction- you can go to the next step to see the result of your draft and modify or present it to the Tax Agency.

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A summary of your statement with the result of the same, if it is to pay or to return, as well as your name, autonomous community, payment details and contributions that you want to mark. From there, you have three options:

  • If you want to modify the declaration, press ‘Modify declaration (web)’, which will open the web version of the AEAT virtual office.

  • Consult the complete draft in PDF format by clicking ‘Preview PDF’.

  • If everything is correct and you are satisfied with the result, press ‘Submit statement’.

By selecting this last option, the application will ask you to confirm your decision and, immediately afterwards, the draft of your 2019 Income Statement will be presented. Then they will appear a verification code (CSV), which will help you to check the status of the process; Furthermore, clicking on ‘Declaration filed’ will open a PDF file with your declaration so that you can save it on your mobile, print it or share it with other applications.

Tax agency

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