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How to consult the Official State Gazette online

23 mayo, 2021

The State official newsletter is, simply put, the publication in which they are published laws, regulations, acts and communications of the State. That is to say, the official newspaper in which the laws that are approved in the Cortes Generales are reflected, as well as the provisions that emanate from the Government of Spain and the different autonomous administrations.

But not only, because the BOE also publishes resolutions and acts of the constitutional organs of the State, ministerial departments and other organs of the State and public administrations, when a law or a royal decree so establishes it, as well as calls, citations, requisitions and announcements when when it is so established by law. Also appointments, edicts, decrees, calls for aid, subsidies and other types of matters.

In the BOE, everything that affects us in one way or another as citizens appears, so it is important to know how to consult it properly

In short, in this publication edited, printed, published and disseminated by the State Agency Official State Gazette, everything that affects us in one way or another as citizens appears. So It is important to know the Official State Gazette and, above all, to know how to use it when consulting it and finding the information that is of interest to us.


How to consult the BOE

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The Official State Gazette it is published regularly from Monday to Saturday once a day, although it can be published any day of the week and even several times, with extraordinary editions, if necessary. So in exceptional situations, such as the state of alarm decreed by the coronavirus pandemic, the official gazette is published even on Sundays.

When it comes to consulting it, we have several options. First of all, go to their electronic headquarters,
, Y click on the option Latest BOE. Next, we will access the latest Official State Gazette published, which will be identified in the heading with its date and number.

From now on, we have several search options: consult the summary or index linked to the beginning in which everything published in the day is listed, go through the entire page in search of the particular information we are looking for or, if we know the section and department in which what we are looking for should appear framed , make the corresponding selection in the drop-downs that appear at the beginning. Under the title of the provisions we will find the links to access said publication in PDF and other available formats.

To search for information in the BOE we can go to the publication of the specific date that interests us, if we know it, or use its powerful search engine to find what we are looking for

Boe Is Summary Of The Day 23 04 2020 Google Chrom

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If the information that we intend to find was published on another date, we will simply have to go to the front page of the BOE website, select in the box corresponding to the Official State Gazette the option Calendar and, on the page that will open, find the specific day. Either through the calendar, or through the field in which we can manually enter a date. In this way, we will access the electronic edition of the official gazette of that day and we can proceed as in the previous case.

Finally, if we do not know the date of publication of the information we seek, from we can access the option Search the entire BOE. This function allows us to search for provisions of sections I, II, and III of the bulletin since 1960, announcements of section IV since 2009, announcements of section V of the BOE since 1995 and resolutions of the Constitutional Court since 1981.

The Official State Gazette also publishes notifications that must be consulted separately and can be searched by the NIF, prior electronic identification.

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It should be noted that the Official State Gazette also publishes different types of notifications, as we mentioned at the beginning, and that these should be consulted separately. Specifically, from the tab Notifications that we find when we access a BOE publication. In this section we will visualize the notification supplement, which also offers a summary at the beginning and is organized in a similar way to the official newspaper as such. Of course, the notification announcements are only offered in PDF format.

Regarding notifications, it should be noted that the electronic headquarters of the Official State Gazette offers the possibility of accessing the notification announcements that incorporate a specific NIF, whether it is a natural person or a legal person and entity, to know the advertisements that affect oneself. A service, the search for notification announcements through the Single Edictal Board, which requires identification through the Cl @ ve system.