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How to control your Mac’s fans

27 mayo, 2021

Good management of the ventilation of our Mac or PC is essential to preserve its useful life, maintain good performance and ensure that the increase in internal temperature, ultimately, does not result in a problem in the medium or long term.

Natively, Macs try to maintain a balance between performance and sound of the fans, in a relatively efficient way. However, if we want full control over the fans of our device, we can resort to third-party tools.

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Controlling ventilation with Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control is a completely free program that allows us, among other functions, to manually adjust the operation of our Mac’s fans. It is available for iMac, MacBook (Pro / Air), Mac mini, and Mac Pro.

Macs Fan Control

The first thing we meet at open the interface, is the current state of operation of the fans. Depending on the Mac we have, the number of these and the range of revolutions per minute at which they work will vary.

If we have a Mac that has more than one fan, we can adjust their operation separately

In our case, with a MacBook Pro 13 “from 2017, we observed that the range of revolutions per minute is between 1200 and 7200, running at 1200 quite consistently with a medium workload. If we have a device with more than one fan, we can individually adjust each of them.

Macs Fan Control RPM

By default, the control is placed automatically, something that we can change in the option personalize. Here, we can manually adjust the revolutions per minute at which our Mac works. The more revolutions you go up, the faster the fan will run, the cooler it will cool (and the more wear and tear it will suffer).

Macs Fan

In the same way, we can establish that the range of revolutions is based on the values ​​given by different sensors. In other words, we can configure that the fans increase their speed when the battery, hard disk, or one of the CPU cores raises its temperature more than necessary.

Macs Fan Control

As for this information about the temperature of the CPU, battery, hard disk and others, we find it in the side menu of the application, which will show us the degrees to which each of these elements is found.

The tool surprises with its simplicity and its immediate action. Any changes we make to the RPM regime will be applied immediately

The tool operation is immediate. If your Mac is running at a certain RPM range and we change the value, it will not take more than a few seconds to adapt to the one we have configured. When we close the tool, we can see in the menu bar the RPM at which the fan is turning, and access preferences.

Macs Fans Control it’s completely free from the website of its developers, it does not include advertising or invite us to make any type of payment once installed. On a voluntary basis, we can buy the application for 15.95 euros, a figure that they ask to help develop the tool.