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How to control your mobile from your PC with Teamviewer Host

25 mayo, 2021

There are many ways to view and control your mobile remotely from the PC, such as AirDroid, Samsung Side Sync, Mobizen. Interestingly, a name as famous in remote assistance as Teamviewer is often left out, as Traditionally Teamviewer on Android only served to control the PC from the mobile, and not the other way around.

This changed with the launch of Teamviewer Host, a fairly easy way to mirror the screen and control your mobile remote form. Teamviewer has a client for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android, although if you had planned to control your mobile from another mobile, it seems that the Android remote control only works from a PC. Sorry, using your Android from an iPhone will have to wait.

Teamviewer Host has some advantages over other similar applications. For example, no need root, give special permissions, use ADB, connect the mobile with cable or any other story. In addition, if you used Teamviewer before, it has the advantage that your mobile is integrated into your list of devices and you do not need to install anything additional.

1. Install the application

Using Teamviewer to control your mobile remotely is really easy. The hardest thing is not to get lost and get confused with different applications from Teamviewer, all with similar names. Just take a look at the developer page on Google Play and you will know what I mean. Here’s an overview of the different apps and what each one does:

  • Teamviewer for Remote Control is the Teamviewer client for control other devices from your mobile. It only works with PC: it does not let you interact with other mobiles that are currently connected.

  • Teamviewer Host is the opposite of the above. It is the necessary server so that you can connect and use your mobile from the PC. It is offered in two variants: normal and for Samsung devices.

  • Teamviewer QuickSupport is almost the same as Teamviewer Host, but while in Teamviewer Host you add your mobile to your account to manage and manage it yourself, in QuickSupport the idea is to use it sporadically so that someone external help you with your mobile. It also allows remote control.

  • Teamviewer for Meetings is a special version of Teamviewer focused exclusively on joining videoconferences hosted, of course, in Teamviewer.

Add to the above an endless list of add-ons to add support for different mobiles to QuickSupport and you have the confusing catalog of applications completely revised.

If you want to use this method to operate your mobile from your PC frequently, then the application you need is Teamviewer Host. In case your mobile or tablet is Samsung, Teamviewer Host for Samsung.

TeamViewer Host

TeamViewer Host11.0.4766

2. Set up your account

After opening Teamviewer Host a screen invites you to log in with your account. This is a necessary step, as that is the big difference between Host and QuickSupport. If you don’t have an account, you can create one from the application itself in no time.


You really don’t need to touch anything else in Teamviewer Host, unless you want to read the information on the screen. In the Advanced Options (by tapping on the menu) there is only one option: enable UDP.

3. Connect from wherever you want

At this point your mobile is already included in the list of your Teamviewer devices, so you can connect to it from your regular client. Basically, you have these options:

Choose the one that suits you best and log in with your account. Select your mobile or tablet in the list and choose Remote control.


The image is moderately fluid, although of course it is not the same as being handling the mobile in person. This will also depend on the speed of your mobile, your PC and the Internet connection. You could technically use this to use your keyboard on mobile, although the slight delay makes the experience not too pleasant.

Another interesting point about Teamviewer is that you have some additions beyond the remote control. This is the case of the tab Dashboard, Apps, Processes and Settings, from where you can see information about the mobile, installed applications (and uninstall them), processes in use and saved WiFi networks respectively.


In summary, Teamviewer Host is an interesting option to manage your mobile remotely, which stands out for being Easy to use and potentially latch onto something you’re already using. On the other hand, if your manufacturer has its own application for this (for example Samsung Sidesync), it is quite likely that the performance will be better.

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