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How to create a custom ringtone for your mobile on your PC

26 mayo, 2021

You buy a mobile of the most modern, with tons of cool features and utilities, a camera that takes amazing photos, a great-looking screen … and you leave the default tone. The same one that hundreds of people use, and that makes you have to look every time you hear it in the supermarket or in the subway car, just in case it’s yours.

Well no, look. Time to end this. If you don’t have a custom tone on your mobile it’s because you don’t want to, that’s that clear. Because there are several ways to make your mobile ring when they call you your favorite song, or a piece of the soundtrack of that video game that you like so much, or simply a sound that has a special meaning for you. A unique and original ringtone. If you want to know how, we will explain it to you below.

Before starting, it is convenient to clarify that, in addition to the web pages and the tricks that we will explain below, there are also numerous mobile apps with which to create custom tones for calls, messages, notifications and more. Some examples are Ringdroid or Ringtone Maker for Android, and Ringtone Maker Free for iPhone.

However, in this article we will focus on ways to create your tone. in the computer, and then calmly synchronize it with your device, either through a USB cable (in the case of Android) or through iTunes (if you have an iPhone).

How to create custom ringtones with Free Ringtones

One of the easiest ways to create a custom shade in a few minutes is by using a web tool specially designed for this – such as, Free Ringtones. Here, in addition to finding a wide collection of ringtones already ready to download and use, you have a little audio editor very simple with which to create your own tone in a few steps.

You just have to select the MP3 from your hard drive from which you want to create the tone, and select the fragment which concrete you want to use by moving the arrows that mark the beginning and end of the tone. The maximum length are 30 seconds. Once you have the perfect snippet, click on the create tone button and the website will automatically generate it.

Free Ringtones

On the page shown below you can download the ringtone for iPhone (in format M4R) and for Android (in format MP3), and then transfer it to your mobile. You also have the option to download it directly using a QR code.

How to create custom ringtones with Make Your Own Ringtone

Another very easy-to-use web tool for creating ringtones is Make Your Own Ringtone. There are no ringtones to download here, rather it is a utility totally dedicated to creating custom ringtones.

The first step is to choose an MP3 from your hard drive. Then, using the green arrows in the editor, you can choose the start and end points of the tone. The editor does not put time limitations, but think that on your mobile the tone will sound in loops repeated for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Make Your Own Ringtone

When you have the fragment selected, choose the suitable format according to your mobile (MP3 or M4R) and click the button to create the tone. A new window will appear in which you will have to click on the button to download to get your file. Now, as always, you just need to copy it to your device.

Create ringtones with Audacity

Beyond the web tools, you also have the possibility to use an audio editor to create your personalized mobile ringtones. Obviously it is not as fast as a web, but you also have many more editing options.


If you use AudacityFor example, all you have to do is open the MP3 you want to use and select the 30-second fragment that you like the most. Then, from the File menu choose the option “Export selected audio” and you will be able to record that fragment in the appropriate format (MP3 for Android or M4A for iPhone). In the case of iPhone, you will have to change that extension to “M4R” to be able to import the audio correctly to iTunes as a ringtone (you have more details in the next point).

Remember, yes, that for create MP3 or AAC with Audacity you will need to have the corresponding libraries installed on your computer.

IPhone special: create your ringtone with iTunes

If you have an iPhone, your own iTunes allows you to create custom ringtones from the songs you have in your library. It is a process a bit laborious, but simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the song from which you want to create the tone, make right click on it and choose the option “Get information”.
  2. In the new window, click on the “Options” tab and enter the start and end points of the tone (with a maximum of 30 seconds).
  3. Exit the window, go to the File menu and choose the option “Convert> Create AAC Version”. It will be created a copy in that format of the song fragment you have chosen.
  4. Drag that copy from iTunes to desk, where you will see that it is copied as a file M4A. Edit the name of the file and change the extension to M4R.
  5. Move that M4R file back to iTunes (or double click it to open it directly) and it will be copied to the ringtones folder.

Now you just need to synchronize this ringtone folder with your iPhone, and you can enjoy your new ringtone.

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