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How to create a Gmail account when setting up a new Android

22 mayo, 2021

One of the first data that a new Android mobile asks you when you configure it for the first time is google account. It is optional, although many services such as Gmail or Google Play depend on that account.

If you already have a Google account, you only need to enter your email account and password, but If you don’t have an account, you can create it directly from your mobile. The process is really simple and you just need to fill in a couple of personal details.


1. Create account

First of all, you need to get to the step of the setup wizard where log in with an email account electronic. It usually appears right after Wi-Fi connection setup and is a form like the one below.

Create Account

Although it goes quite unnoticed, below the form there is a small text of Create Account with which you can create a Google account (which is the same as a Gmail account) from your mobile.

2. Personal information

The first thing you need to configure in your new Gmail account is a series of personal data. The first is the Name and surname, and right after that you will need to enter your date of birth and, if you want, your gender.


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3. Email address

Using the above data Google will suggest a couple of email addresses that are available, but you don’t have to limit yourself to them. Tap on Create another Gmail address to write the address by hand.


The email addresses must be unique, so you must find an address that does not exist before you can continue to the next step of the new email account creation wizard.

4. Password and privacy

The process is almost complete, but you need add a password for your brand new email account. There are no special requirements regarding capitalization or symbols, but they must be at least eight characters.


You will have to enter the password twice and then you will be shown several related privacy options that you can accept or not. The first asks you if you want link this account to your phone number (It is optional), while afterwards you must accept the privacy policy (mandatory).

5. Account created


That’s it, your email account is created and ready to use on your Android mobile as well as anywhere else you want to log in. Account is automatically added to mobile, without the need for you to log in.