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How to create a restore point in Windows 10

22 mayo, 2021

A simple way to troubleshoot problems in Windows it is restoring the system to a previous point. This should not be confused with the option to reset Windows that was introduced with Windows 10, nor with the option to go back to a previous version, much less with the options to recover the system.

The create restore points It’s an old Windows feature from a long time ago, one that lets you save the current state of your computer and restore it in case something goes wrong. In some cases Windows creates these points automatically, such as when you install an important driver, or when you install software updates or make a significant change to the system. But you can also create them yourself whenever you want or schedule their creation as a preventive measure.

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Create a restore point in Windows 10

This process is very simple, you just have to press the start button and type “restore point” and hit Enter on the first result. If it is the first time you do it and it has not been configured, you must choose a storage unit and click on Set up.

Configure Restore Points

In the next window you must check the box “Enable system protection“and choose the use of disk space that the restore points can occupy. Then press” Apply “and” OK “.

From that moment Windows 10 will create restore points with a certain frequency and will also automatically manage those that are very old to free up space. If you want to create a new restore point, just click on “Create …”.

System Properties 2018 11 13 18 55 20

Give your restore point a name and press To create. Wait for the system to finish doing the job and once finished, you will see a message that it was created successfully. That point serves to return Windows 10 to the same state it was in when you did it, that is, all that is installed or the configuration that is changed that affects the state of the system will be completely undone.

This does not affect your documents, files, photos, or personal data.

Restore the system

To restore Windows 10 from a restore point you only have to enter the same menu that we already reviewed, but this time you must click on the first option: “System Restore ….

System Restore 2018 11 13 19 00 43

When the new window appears press “Next” and then choose the restore point you prefer from those listedto. They are all ordered by creation date and time and you can also click on “detect affected drivers and programs” so that you know more or less why the point was created and if restoring will help you solve the problem you have.

Then you just have to press “Next” and wait for the process to finish. Windows will restart.