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How to create a screensaver with your Spotify and covers on macOS

27 mayo, 2021

One of the strengths that vinyl has compared to other formats is that you can hold the album cover and get into it, an experience that has been diminishing with the arrival of CDs and streaming music services.

MusaicFM is an application for macOS that will create an iTunes-style screensaver with the covers of the discs that you have played on Spotify or that are in your profile.

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A mosaic with the records you have played

Once we have downloaded it from Github and installed it on our computer, we will simply have to go to the section of “Desktop and Screensaver” in macOS preferences.


In the “Screensaver” tab we will have to go to the bottom to choose MusaicFm. In the options of this tool it allows us to specify if we want to take the covers of our Spotify or account.

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In the case of Spotify it will be necessary to login in the service, and it will let us choose if we want to show the albums that we have saved or the new releases.

This interactive map shows you all the record stores on the planet

Instead, in we will simply have to put the user’s name (That means we can view the records that someone else has listened to). Here they give us more options, being able to show the covers of the albums that we have listened to in the last week, month, quarter, etc.


Another positive point is that if we choose we can place labels in case we want to show only certain discs (for example “HipHop”, “Jazz”, etc.). On the left side, it lets us choose the number of columns we want to show and how long it will take to update.

The truth is that it looks really good, and it is a visual way of remembering the records that you have been listening to digitally.