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How to create an animated GIF from a video on Android

23 mayo, 2021

The videos are fine, but sometimes you need an animated GIF Lifetime: a shorter version of the video without sound and repeating non-stop. Although Google Photos allows you to create animated GIFs from photos, creating them from videos is not yet possible.

Some manufacturers -such as Samsung- include video to GIF conversion in their editor, although the best and most universal is use specialized applications. We will use GIPHY Cam, probably the best app to create animated GIFs with your mobile and that allows you to import them from a video.

1. Install GIPHY Cam

Giphycam GIPHY Cam

There are two things you need: the video you are going to use and a specialized application. We recommend GIPHY Cam, although if you are not convinced there are other alternatives on Google Play that you can consider, such as GFYCat Loops, GIFGuru or ImgPlay. GIPHY Cam has the advantage of including a multitude of ready-to-use effects and stickers and give the resulting animated GIF a little more grace.

GIPHY CAM - The GIF Camera & GIF Maker

GIPHY CAM – The GIF Camera & GIF Maker

2. Import the video

GIPHY Cam opens up like that, a camera. However, it is possible to open the photos and videos that are in the mobile gallery. To do this you must touch the thumbnail view that appears just below the camera preview. It is a preview of the last photo or video in your gallery.


All the photos and videos are then displayed on your mobile, together. The difference is that the videos have a decoration imitating a film, while the photos do not. Tap on the video that interests you to start editing.

How to create a gif from a YouTube video on mobile

3. Adjust the duration

Animated GIFs are typically only a few seconds long rather than the entire length of the video. In GIPHY Cam you can do the clipping using two adjusters, one that controls the beginning of the animated GIF and another for the end.


While you make the adjustments, the current duration of the cut is shown superimposed. In addition, the video is played in a loop showing only the selected part, to give you an idea of ​​the final result. When you’re done, press the arrow icon.

4. Add effects and stickers (optional)

The good thing about using GIPHY Cam is that you can add a lot of effects and stickers easily. They are all arranged at the bottom of the screen without much order or concert, but by tapping on them you will see what each one does.

Effects edit

This is obviously optional. If you want, you can just tap on Next and generate your animated GIF immediately without adding anything additional to the video. However, by trying nothing happens, surely you will find something that improves the result.

5. Save the result

On the next screen you just have to press Save GIF and the result will be saved on your mobile. If you want to share it immediately with another application, you can do it using the Android share menu.