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how to create collages with your photos

22 mayo, 2021

In recent years, the popularization of social networks and the improvement of photographic features of smartphones they have fostered a kind of practices that just a decade ago most of us would have rejected. We are referring, among others, to the fact of taking and sharing photos of almost anything.

A context in which any everyday trifle has a place and in which the culture of the visual has acquired a new dimension. However, this evolution has also brought photography closer to a wider audience and has led to the emergence of new and varied editing tools. And it is precisely the latter that we focus on today, specifically those that will allow you create collages from your Facebook photos.

Photo collage

Screenshot 2016 10 17 At 7 09 30

To begin, we are left with Photo Collage, a free online tool that will allow you to create collages of your best Facebook photos. To start using it, go to their website and click on the button “create a new photo collage”. The system automatically will redirect us to the virtual community so that we authorize you to receive our public profile and photos. By accepting the conditions, a new panel will open in which we will see our albums.

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From then on we can choose photos that interest us (we can delete them if we make a mistake in this step). In the next one, we will be asked to give them a title and description, although we can skip it. The system will then create the collage and let us sort the images. The fourth point is to add details like category, title, description and how to share it.

Now, not everything is virtue, because its main drawback is that it does not allow us to download the resulting image. Something that, however, we can achieve through a simple screenshot. The tool also gives us the option to share it on the social network that concerns us, so that we can also download it from there once the process is completed.


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Postermywall works similarly, as it is also a web application that can be used to create collages of our Facebook photos. However, it offers a series of more complete options, such as the possibility of choosing between different templates, adding text, backgrounds and different elements, in the purest style of an editor.

The creation process is also quite simple. The first thing will be select a template –Organized by categories-, a background theme and import the Facebook photos that we want –in photos and add photos from Facebook. The application shows us the albums. Of course, you can also opt for a blank canvas if you want to start from scratch.

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After this, you will be able to order them, resize, opacity, cut them out, organize the prevalence of the different elements by sending them to the background and the like in a kind of layers, and use the tools described. Once finished, you can download the result, although we have to comment that the free version only lets you do it in a standard quality, yes, without any watermark.


PiZap, for its part, is a service that fulfills the same function as the previous two but that, in addition to online, is available for both Android and iOS devices with their corresponding versions. A tool that comes with different template designs, editing options, and others to share on the social network.

Among its notable features, it includes frames, the ability to add memes, paint on images, and so on. To start using it, you won’t have to register either; go to the site, click collage and select the layout you want. Here the range is very wide and even gives you the possibility to choose different shapes.

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In each of the boxes you will see “add photo” appear and, by clicking on them, you will be able to select from where you want to import them (computer, Instagram, Google Search, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Picasa, your webcam, etc.). Of course, Facebook is not missing.


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Another application that offers a wide variety of templates is Photovisi, an online tool to create collages with Facebook photos that, like some of the previous ones, gives us the opportunity to add shapes, drawings, texts and more. To start using it, visit their page and choose a template (there are different styles, although the compositions are somewhat more amateur than in Postermywall, for example.

Once chosen, an editing canvas will open at the top of which different tools appear. The first one is to add the photographs. A button on which if we click, it will open a drop-down menu to import them from our computer, a specific website, Instagram and also Facebook.

Screenshot 2016 10 17 At 7 40 17

Of course, we have to choose them one by one. From then on we will be able to modify them –size, rotation, opacity, arrangement, etc.-, include a background, add a predetermined shape, write on them, and more. When finished, it will be possible to download the collage, although in a very limited quality.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an interesting free app that achieves more than acceptable results and is very easy to use. Like some of those that precede it in this list, it lets us choose between different grid layouts for the collage and includes saving options, on our device and also for sharing through Facebook and other social networks. One of its notable features is that it gives us the opportunity to include stickers in the purest Snapchat style,

Its operation does not entail any difficulty, since it is enough to select the photos from Facebook (authorizing the application, of course) to include them in the grid. The distribution and other commented parameters may be changed later. Beyond the stickers, includes text options, backgrounds, and so on.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is another popular app that offers us the possibility of creating collages with our Facebook photos through our device. An interesting tool that gives us a wide range of editing options. To give you an idea, it includes a wide variety of filters, backgrounds, frames, free text and drawing tools, labels, etc.

It even lets us choose to save the result in PNG or JPG format, and all without any watermark. We can also choose to share it through social networks. To import the Facebook images we must select the Cloud Album option, at which point the tool will access our account and let us select the captures, which will be automatically organized in the grid and that we can post edit.


Screenshot 2016 10 17 At 6 55 33

Finally, we cannot fail to mention Befunky, a platform that will also allow you to make a collage from your photos from the Zuckerberg network. To use it you will not have to carry out any registration, but simply access its website and start “creating”. The first thing you will have to do, of course, is to import your images from the virtual community by clicking on the three dots that appear to the right of the “computer” button.

From then on, a drop-down will open in which you can select the photos from Pixabay but also from Facebook. Click on “get photos from Facebook” and authorize the application. The best thing is that the captures do not appear disorganized afterwards, but the system sorts them based on whether they come from a page made with WordPress, whether it is profile images, cover images, uploaded from mobile, in the timeline, and so on.

Screenshot 2016 10 17 At 7 04 52

A point very in its favor. It is in this same section where we must select the ones that we are interested in including in the collage. Then we will have the option to start editing. The utility includes different editing tools such as text boxes, the ability to insert graphics, textures and other features that are worth knowing.

The tool is available, in addition to Spanish, in English, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and seven other languages; a feature that users around the world will appreciate, especially in the introductory part that appears when using it for the first time. A kind of tutorial and guided tour that guides us through the different steps and that is very useful to learn how to take advantage of it. In any case, we can deactivate the tips as soon as we want.

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