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How to create custom covers for each Spotify playlist

27 mayo, 2021

If you are a Spotify user who loves to make playlists, you are probably interested in trying Replace Cover, a tool with which to create personalized covers quickly and easily.

When we create a playlist on Spotify, by default a kind of mosaic is created with the covers of the discs that are inside. We have the option to upload our own image, but the app lacks a way to create one directly.

Window Y Replace Cover Product Hunt 2

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Identify playlists more easily

Two clear areas can be distinguished on this website: Things and Themes. The first thing we must do is choose an element that we want to star in our cover: fruits, animals, objects, drinks, etc.

Once we have selected it we can change theme colors, to be able to distinguish each playlist at a glance. Once we have the design we want, we can place a title and subtitle.

Window Y Replace Cover Product Hunt

At the bottom right there are some controls to make the letter bigger or smaller, center it, move it to the side or even a button that randomly generates covers (combining themes and “things”).

It’s a quick way to change the look of our playlists and, best of all, it’s that thanks to the striking text and design you’ll be able to identify them more easily.

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