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How to create free custom QR codes for your business (or whatever you want)

22 mayo, 2021

The utility of QR codes, an evolution of barcodes perfect for storing data easily readable with a mobile device, is amply proven. Especially when we pretend provide information in a fast and always up-to-date way In a simple way.

For example, its use is increasingly common in these times of coexistence with the coronavirus in restaurants. In order to avoid customer contact with items such as the letter or menu, as well as information on allergens, different QR codes are offered through which to access this information on our own phone.

Create personalized QR codes with your logo and the information you want by following this step by step

And how can they be generated custom QR codes to get the same or something similar? Well, with tools like QRCode Monkey and following step-by-step tutorials like the following one that we present to you.

How to generate a custom QR code

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To create a personalized QR code with this tool we must access its website, click on the upper horizontal bar where we want our QR code to take (link, text, email, phone, SMS …) and go on to configure it.

Assuming that we want our code to lead to a link, we will choose URL type and start customizing it. First, the first step will be to enter the content. In our case, we will make the resulting code take us to the main page of our portal. We will enter the address in the corresponding field and that’s it.

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Then you will start the outright customization. We will click on Choose colors and in the section that will be shown we can choose if we want the code to have a single color or two or if it will have a background color. Later, in the section Add logo image, as the name suggests, We will have the possibility to upload our logo so that it appears in the center of the QR code or, if we wish, the button of a social network if, for example, what we include is a link to one of these platforms.

Finally, in the section Customize layout, we can decide the shape of the body of the code, the shape of the eye frame and the shape of the eye. With everything properly personalized, in the right column, we will click on Create QR Code and we will get the result. If we are not convinced, we can continue making modifications and we will have to click on the button again to update the result.

At this point, We will only have to download the QR code in the quality we want using the download buttons as a .png or a vector of graphics .svg .pdf or .eps. QRCode Monkey is a free and very powerful QR code generator that is mainly supported by donations. You can donate, if you wish, through the PayPal button that you will find at the end of the web.