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how to create many extra addresses for your account

22 mayo, 2021

We have proven many times that Gmail has the best web application in the mail client landscape, even better than many native clients. But his tricks and skills go far beyond what we can do on that website: his own email address hides secrets.

We all know what these addresses are like: We send it to our contacts to send us emails and that’s it. But what if I told you that we can filter senders or even create alternate email addresses without having to register new accounts?

We can take advantage, for example, that the Gmail servers ignore dots in email addresses. So, and are the same email address, and any email we send to those addresses will be received by the same inbox. So no, you don’t have to play with points when creating a new Gmail email address as none of the combinations you try will be available.

Another combination that we can add to our email address at the same time that we continue to receive the messages that they send us is that of add any valid string after a “+”. So, and fulanito + holaquetal are still the same email account.

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Applications for extra Gmail addresses

Gmail filter

At first glance these manipulations with Gmail emails may seem absurd, but with a bit of cunning we can take advantage of them for useful functions. An example: when we register on any social network, we can use the address so and

In this way, knowing that many networks flood us with newsletters by mail, we can create a filter in Gmail with which to move any message that they send us to to a label / folder that does not disturb. Or directly to the trash, of course.

Another use: if you want to have 5 Twitter accounts, you will need five email addresses … or five combinations with your original email. You will not need to create five original email accounts, just add five words followed by a “+” in a single Gmail account. If you can think of another way to take advantage of this, feel free to mention it in our comments.

Image | Alex Barth
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