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How to create playlists on Spotify with the most played artists and songs

24 mayo, 2021

One of the positive points that Spotify has compared to the competition is that it allows third-party services to use its API and create tools that are really useful.

Today we are going to talk about one of them: Replayify. Thanks to this website we will be able to discover which are the songs and artists that we have listened to the most. And, best of all, we can create playlists with a single click.

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Create playlists with your most played songs and artists on Spotify

The process couldn’t be easier. Once we enter the Replayify website, they will ask us to log in with our Spotify account. They assure that they do not store our data on any server.

Once we have managed to log in, A list will appear with the 50 artists we have listened to the most on Spotify. A positive point is that we can specify if we want to see the most listened to in “all the time”, “six months” or in the “last month”.

Window And Replayify

If we scroll to the bottom of the page, we will see a button that allows us to create a playlist with our most listened to artists (according to the time selection that we have specified).

Create playlists with your “Top 50” artists or songs

To create this playlist, what Replayifi does is that it takes the five most played songs by the artists we have listened to the most in that period of time and places them in random order.

Window And Replayify 2

We can share this playlist with other Spotify users in case they want to know what our musical tastes are. The same goes for songs, being able to create a playlist with the 50 most played songs since we have an account, in the last six months or last month.

The design and operation of this website is really great. With a couple of clicks we can find out very interesting data about our consumption on Spotify and create playlists with our favorite songs.

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