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How to create ringtones with personalized vibrations for each mobile contact

26 mayo, 2021

Call, is anyone still calling? Despite the fact that social networks are the new protagonists in the world of communications, our terminals (yet) have not lost this capacity, so it may be a good idea to enhance and optimize their operation.

For all those who keep calling, we bring a solution to achieve know at all times which person is calling you, by means of a personalized vibration system for each contact.

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A discreet solution for those of us who have a phobia of mobile in sound

Traditionally, to distinguish which contact is calling us without looking at the phone, we have seen that it is possible to assign different ringtones to each contact. This leads to the obvious and inevitable consequence of bringing the mobile in sound, something that some users are not willing to do.

Thus, resort to custom vibration it can be a solution to distinguish who is calling us, without disturbing at the sound level. If we put our eye on iOS, we find the option to do it natively, and in a few steps.

  • We access the settings menu
  • Sounds and vibrations
  • Ringtone
  • Vibration
Vibration Ios
  • Personalized, create new vibe

Once we are in this section, we can configure the vibration pattern with our finger. The procedure is simple, the longer you press, the longer it vibrates, the shorter the touch, the shorter the vibration. Once you have created the pattern to your liking, you just have to save it.

New Vibration Ios The more you press, the more it will vibrate.

Now we have to assign that vibration pattern to the contact we want, for which we will follow the steps that we list.

  • Open the contacts app
  • Find the contact you want
  • Click on it
  • Hit Edit
  • Ringtone
  • Vibration
  • Select custom vibration

Clever. As you may have appreciated, there is only assign custom vibration to the contact you want, manually. By being able to create different patterns of vibration, it is possible to personalize several contacts, something quite useful to distinguish between our main people.

In Android we have to resort to third-party applications, since this option is not native to the system

If our operating system is Android, we will have to resort to third-party applications and the process will be somewhat more tedious, although not too much. In this case, we will use the Good Vibrations application. It’s free, it was updated in January 2019, and takes up hardly any space

Menu button That over there is the menu button.

When opening it, we will go to the menu, and click on touch your pattern. As we did in iOS, we just have to press little by little to create this pattern to taste.

Touch Your Pattern

After saving the pattern, we return to the main menu, and click on the person-shaped icon. In this new menu we can edit actions on our contacts. Once here, the procedure is simplified.

  • Click on the person-shaped icon
Buttons The person icon will help you assign a contact. You just have to put a pattern on it.