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How to create your own stickers for WhatsApp using a simple application

24 mayo, 2021

Although in Google Play there are a good number of stickers for WhatsApp, it is still true that they are not always as we would like, since we depend on the taste and ideas of the developer. Sometimes it can be fun to have a custom sticker pack with our faces or with the typical jokes of your groups of friends, but that implies knowing how to program. Or not.

Although WhatsApp offers a detailed guide to create sticker apps, it is easier to use an application already developed that allows you to create your own stickers, and yes, it does exist. The name of this app is “Personal stickers for WhatsApp” and allows you to create custom packages using the images found in your terminal. What does that mean? That you can make your own stickers and, best of all, in a matter of a couple of seconds.


Creating your own stickers for WhatsApp

Create Stickers For Whatsapp

The first thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use any photo or image that you find on the Internet or have in the gallery. There are a number of requirements that you must fulfill so that the sticker reproduces perfectly on WhatsApp. If you do not comply with them, you will be able to create the sticker package but when it is sent, a transparent box will appear without the image. These are as follows:

  • That the image is in webp format (In theory it accepts PNG but it has given us problems with that format). You can use this online converter.
  • That has a size of 512 x 512 pixels, no more no less.
  • Have a minimum of three images (It won’t let you create the package if you don’t have three or more).

You can use any image editor to resize the file and a tool like Photoshop to remove the background, if you want to. We, for that matter, have taken the logos of Engadget, Engadget Android and Engadget Mobile, as well as the Android logo to show how the sticker would look with the transparent background. When you have the images ready and converted to webp, create a folder in the root of the mobile memory called “Stickers” (or whatever you want) and move all files to it.

The name of the folder in which you save the stickers will be the name that the final package will receive

When you have everything ready, open “Personal Stickers for WhatsApp”, give it permission to access the internal storage and let it track the download folder, it takes a second. Once this is done, all the images in that folder will appear and will be automatically added to the sticker pack. Now press the “Add” button. When you do it, the pack will be created and automatically imported to WhatsApp. If you want to make several packages at the same time you can do it by creating several folders in memory (“Stickers”, “Phrases”, “Animals” …).

Stickers For Own Whatsapp

Now you just have to go to WhatsApp, press the icon of the emojis and select the one on the right completely. The stickers you have created will appear there and you can send them to any chat. If you add new images to the folder, the package will update automatically just open the application. Easy and simple. The tricky thing is to think about the image, but that will depend on the creativity of each one.

Personal stickers for WhatsApp

Personal stickers for WhatsApp1.6