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How to customize dock icons and folders in macOS

26 mayo, 2021

If you are bored that your icons in macOS always look the same, you’re not alone. Unlike iOS, which is going through a customization fever because with iOS 14 you can finally install Android-style icon packs, on Mac this was already possible for quite some time, although perhaps you did not know how.

The only thing you will need is to choose the icons and have some patience, because you will have to change one by one. You can customize the icons of the applications and the icons of your folders, as long as you choose icons in ICNS format.


How to change dock icons on Mac

The first thing you need to do is download the icons you are going to use. You can search sites like icons-icons, on DeviantArt, or on Dribbble, to name a few options. The format of your icons should always be ICNS.

In case you get icons in other formats, such as PNG, you can use options such as iConvert Icons to convert them to ICNS and make them work on macOS.

Select New Icon

Select and copy the new icon

The second thing you should do is open the Finder and navigate to the folder where you have the new icon, double click on it to open it with Preview and press cmd + A (⌘ + A) to select it completely and then press (⌘ + C) to copy it.

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Application Information

Open the application information window to change the icon

Now open your list of Applications from the Finder, click on the icon of the application you want to customize, and then press the keyboard shortcut cmd + I (⌘ + I).

Click on the icon

Click on the current icon at the top, not to be confused with the lower preview

This will open the application information window and at the top we can select the current icon. To replace it, click on the icon to highlight it and then press cmd + V (⌘ + V) to paste the new icon. The change is instantaneous.

Paste The Icon

If you want to return to the original icon, you just have to follow the same steps, and in the application information window select the icon at the top and press the Delete key (←).

To change the folders the process is exactly the same, you just have to select the folder, whatever it is, press ⌘ + I and change the icon from the information window. In some cases the system will ask for your password in order to change the icon.