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how to customize the appearance of the browser as you want

22 mayo, 2021

If you use the Google browser like most web users and you are one of those who gets bored when their applications look exactly the same for years, this article is for you. Chrome by itself offers several customization options that we can take advantage of to adjust the browser more to our liking, or simply refresh its appearance a bit.

Some of those options are still experimental, like the new Chrome theme creator, but we can activate them if we know how, and others range from simply changing the theme to one of the Chrome Web Store, to installing third-party add-ons to go a little further. there.

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Create your own custom Chrome theme

In the current stable version of the browser, Chrome 77, it is possible to activate the new customization options from the experimental functions menu. You just have to write chrome: // flags in the address bar and hit Enter.

Customize Chrome

Now you will have to look for three experimental functions from the drawer that appears on the page. You have to enable the following:

  • NTP ustomization menu version 2
  • Chrome Colors menu
  • Custom color picker for Chrome Colors menu
Chrome Themes

Just type that in the search engine and next to each result change the selector from “Default” to “Enable”. When you’ve enabled all three features, restart Chrome.

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Once this is done you will be able to access the new Chrome customization menu. This appears in the lower right corner of the new tab page (as long as you don’t have an active extension to replace it):

Chrome customization

Click the button Personalize and you will see a pop-up menu with three options in the right column. The first one lets you choose the background of the browser. From there you have several categories such as Art, Landscapes, Flat Colors and more.

Entry 2019 10 07 143 048

Within each category there are quite a few different pretty images. Also you can choose to upload your own background image, or leave it empty as Chrome is by default.

In the next section you choose the button combination appearing on new tab page. There you can choose whether to see the sites you visit the most, your favorites, or simply not show anything. A) Yes:

Entry 2019 10 07 143 757

In the last section you choose the color combination, and here you have a lot of freedom. While Chrome offers you a wide selection of combinations, you can also click the eyedropper icon on the left to choose the hex color you want to use.

Entry 2019 10 07 142 819

There are two colors that you must choose, one for the tab bar and the other for the rest of the body of the browser. You can combine as you want, although the default options palette is quite wide and pretty.

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Install a theme created by someone else

google chrome themes

If you prefer to use a theme created by someone else instead of making your own, you can always go to the Google Chrome extensions store, there you can find, for example, the collection created by Google itself.

You can browse the wide section of themes in the Chrome Web Store, or review some that we have selected in Genbeta among the best available to install on your Chrome. Some of those themes only change the background image, so sometimes it is better to use your own customization option and upload your favorite wallpapers to Chrome itself.

Replace new tab page

Momemtum Momentum

While Chrome offers you some options to customize this page, for some it is not enough, or it could just be better. Many extensions serve precisely to replace the new tab page with something better, nicer or more useful depending on your needs.

One of my favorites is Momentum, which adds a beautiful image every time you open it, it has a small integrated to-do list, shows the date, time and weather, and also adds a motivational phrase to start the day.

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Another excellent option is to bet on something like Papier, this extension opens a small minimalist app to take notes in each new tab. It is clean, simple, and useful.

Papier Papier

There are extensions that add something to learn in the new tabFor example JapaneseTab helps you learn Japanese, and 30 seconds of knowledge helps you become a better developer with 30 second lessons in each new tab.

If you want nice images on each tab, you have options like Apple TV Aerial that show amazing Apple TV screensavers every time you open a tab. There are also the beautiful photos from Unsplash Instant, one of my personal favorites.

Or, you can bet on something com Currently that simply adds the time and the weather forecast and you can customize with the colors you want.