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How to deactivate Google’s personalized ads on an Android mobile

23 mayo, 2021

The Internet, we like it more or less, is mainly driven by the business of data and advertising. In the case of Google, when we browse a web page, personalized ads. This personalization can be based on the websites that we have already visited, applications that we have installed, activity on other devices, information from our Google account, etc.

In some cases, this advertising can be quite annoying because it is very repetitive, for example, if we have done a recent search and suddenly we are only shown ads about that search. Personalized ads can be disabled on Android, so let’s explain how it’s done.

Disabling personalized ads

Regardless of whether you have a mobile with Android Stock or with a customization layer, it is possible to disable personalized ads. The option is not very visible, but it is not one of the most hidden in the system.

Google Ads

The first thing we have to do is go to the terminal settings and, secondly, look for the ‘Privacy’ section, from which we are going to carry out the process we have in mind.

We have to click on ‘advanced settings’ to see the ‘Ads’ option. Within this option we will have the option to disable the personalization of ads based on our profile

Once we are in this settings menu, we have to look for the ‘Ads’ option. We can find this option by displaying the ‘Advanced’ menu, which will show more options that are not visible unless we perform this activation manually.

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When we see the ‘Ads’ section, we just have to click on ‘Disable Ads personalization’. This option instruct apps not to use our advertising ID to create profiles to send personalized announcements.

What are cookies, what types are there and what happens if you deactivate them

Performing this step will increase non-personalized advertising on our device. These ads, as Google account, are not based on previous user behaviorInstead, it is segmented by contextual information such as location, website or application content. No cookies or ad identifiers are used in these types of ads, although these two elements are used to limit the frequency of ads and prevent inappropriate use of our data.