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How to deactivate the ‘Ok Google’ command on an Android mobile

23 mayo, 2021

If we have an Android phone, it is practically inevitable that several of its services work thanks to Google. However, some of them may be active without our having previously configured them, or because we have accidentally accepted. As an example, we have the active command ‘Ok Google’, which makes the phone listen constantly.

That is why we are going to teach you how to disable ‘Ok Google’ on an Android device, so that you have the guarantee that, at least at the audio level, Google is not aware of what you tell it to start performing functions.


Disabling the Ok Google command from your Android

Google Settings

Disabling the Ok Google command on Android is not a complicated task, but not too easy to find, since the option is not in the system settings themselves, but in the Google application options.

From the Google application we can touch system settings that are not found in the classic settings menu. In this case, deactivate Ok Google

Therefore, the first step we have to take is to open the Google application, pre-installed on your Android phone. When you open this app, you will see the section of Discover, but this is not the one that interests us. Let’s click on More. Once we have clicked here, we are going to click on settings.

Ok Google: list of voice commands

Disable Ok Google

In the new menu that has appeared, we are going to click on the section of voice, and another sub-menu will open. Here, what we are going to look for is the option of Voice Match, the only command directly related to Ok google at the settings category level.

Once this section is open, we will see the option to activate or deactivate ‘Ok Google’. If we deactivate it, the device already cannot be activated with the screen off after saying the command.

On the contrary, if what we want is to activate this function and go a little further in its configuration, we can also do it from this section. Here, we can remove the act voice model to delete the current one, as well as re-create a new one.