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how to delete a message sent by mistake

23 mayo, 2021

One of the characteristics of WhatsApp that most was made to beg has been the deleting sent messages, after years of waiting the messages sent by mistake they already have a solution.

WhatsApp now lets us give Go backwards and delete a sent message for everyone, so that they cannot read that message or see that video, photo or listen to that audio.

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Delete a sent message sent by mistake

Whatsapp Delete

WhatsApp currently offers 4,096 seconds, or what is the same 68 minutes and 16 seconds of time to be able delete a sent message for all recipients. To do this, you just have to select the message, click on the trash can icon (Delete) and select the new option Delete for all.

Delete for all deletes the message sent to the receiver, so that our contact cannot see its content, even if yes you will know that our message was deleted, since where was our message a message will appear informing that “This message was deleted”.

Whatsapp Delete

We can delete any message sent, both text, images, videos, audios and co. If we are not fast and our contact has opened a photo, has started to play the video or an audio, it will slam shut and remove from your device just at the moment we delete the message.

Even if the contact has read the message, we can delete it during the first 68 minutes. Of course, the longer we take the more risk we have of making a screenshot or making a copy of the photo or video received.

Our contacts will find out that we have deleted the message, since the message “This message was deleted” will appear in the conversation.

Upgrade: The article has been updated in October 2018 to bring the tutorial up to date.

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