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how to delete a photo and video from the device without deleting its backup

25 mayo, 2021

With the unlimited free high-quality storage (photos up to 16 megapixels and 1080p videos) of Google Photos We can always carry all our photos and videos synchronized on our devices and that they do not occupy anything in the internal storage thanks to their backup copies in the cloud.

But so that the photos and videos that we have taken from our devices stop taking up space we have to delete them once they have uploaded their backup in Google Photos, and for this we only have to delete the photos from a specific option but that not everyone has discovered yet.


How to delete only the device copy of a photo or video

Google Photos

The most normal thing is that when we are going to delete a photo or video we click on the trash icon, which will notify us the first time that the selected files will be deleted from all devices, that is, its original copy will be deleted from the internal storage and your backup in the cloud of Google Photos. We only have to press the option to send to the trash if we want to delete the photos and videos forever from all the sites. The trash allows us to restore the files for 60 days, then they will be permanently deleted.

Google Photos

If we want keep your backup and all we want to do is erase device copy so that it stops taking up space but continues to appear in Google Photos thanks to the synchronization of our gallery in the cloud and we have to delete the elements with the option “Delete copy from device” found on the menu.

The option “Delete copy from device” it will delete only the original file from our device so that it no longer occupies more space, preserving its backup in the cloud in case it exists. If we are going to delete the device copy of an item without copying from the Photos section, the application will notify us of this so that we can cancel the operation so that all the photos and videos are uploaded to our account. If there is a copy in the cloud, they will be deleted from the device.

Google Photos

If we carry out this same operation from the “Device folders” section, it will always show us a warning, in which they will tell us that we will continue to see those elements as long as there is a backup, if there is no such backup they will be deleted forever. They do not guarantee that all the elements that we are going to delete have their respective copies, with what is It is recommended to delete photos and videos from the Photos section, since there it will always notify us if any element that we want to delete from the device has its backup uploaded in the cloud.

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