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How to delete all emails from the same recipient or from a period of time

24 mayo, 2021

No matter how much space have it available (on your mobile, on your hard drive, in your file hosting service in the cloud …) sooner or later it ends. And this universal truth can also be applied to the space of Gmail, that based on endless chains of messages with your friends, newsletters, spam and many other emails, is filling up without remedy.

If you need to reclaim space in Gmail, the obvious way to do this is by doing message cleaning. But although this sounds easy, when you have several thousand emails in your inbox it can be a long and cumbersome task. Luckily, there are a couple of filters very interesting in Gmail that can help you regain that wasted space.

A few months ago we already explained how to use the advanced search commands in Gmail to quickly locate certain types of messages and delete them from your mailbox. But this time we will look at two specific types of message: those that come from the same person, and belong to a certain period of time.

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How to delete all emails from the same sender

One of the ways you can recover space in Gmail is by deleting all the emails that you once exchanged with someone with whom you no longer have a relationship. If you are no longer friends, or a couple, or simply stopped working together, there is no use saving your emails and waste precious megas on them.

There are two forms to find in Gmail all the emails that a specific person has sent you. The first is to type in the search field at the top of Gmail the command from:, followed by name or email address of the person in question. In this way, Gmail will show you all the messages that that person has sent you.

The other way, if you have a message from that person at hand, is to leave the mouse cursor for a few seconds about his name on the Gmail screen, and on the window which will appear after a few seconds, click on “Emails”. In this case, the list that Gmail will show you will include not only the emails that person has sent you, but also those that you have sent (even if they have not responded).

Reclaim space in Gmail

Whichever way you choose to display all messages from the same sender in Gmail, the next step is select all messages by clicking on the box at the top of the web, choosing the option “All” and then clicking on the icon in the shape of a garbage can to delete them-

Reclaim space in Gmail

How to delete emails from the same period of time

Another type of email that usually takes up a lot of space in your Gmail mailbox are those that they have been stored there for years, not because you need them for any special reason, but because simply in their day you let them pass (and once they get past the first page of Gmail, you just lose sight of them).

Deleting old emails that you don’t need to save for any reason, be it personal or professional, is another way to free up that much-needed space in your Gmail. And again, there is two different ways to locate those messages easily and to be able to delete them all, as they say, in a couple of clicks.

The first is using absolute dates and the commands before: Y after:, with which you can find the messages of before or after a certain date. Of course, the date must be in American format (that is, year / month / day). So, for example, putting before: 2014/12/19 You will find all messages prior to December 19, 2014.

The second way is to use the commands olderthan: Y newerthan: followed by a specified period of time, allowing you to locate the messages before or after that period expressed in years, months or days (and that you must write in English, that is, “y”, “m” and “d”). An example would be older_than: 6m, which would locate all messages from more than six months ago.

Again, the next step would be to select all the messages that you have been able to locate with either of these two methods, and send them to the trash can with no regrets.

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