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How to delete Google browsing history

23 mayo, 2021

Speaking precisely, the browsing history is that enumeration of web pages that we visit from a browser. There appear each and every one of the sites we access, including the results obtained after performing a search, ordering the information chronologically.

And by that expression, “browsing history”, many users also know the My Activity section of the Google account, which collects everything that a user does in the company’s services. From the pages browsed as if they were the history of Google Chrome, to the videos we view on YouTube, the searches for places or tours that we do on Google Maps or the articles that we view from Google Now.

Google records in ‘My Activity’ everything you do in its services, from Google Chrome to YouTube or Google Maps

We can consult this data online through the aforementioned section and offline if we choose to download it, in addition to controlling what is recorded and what is not. But if we don’t want them at all, not even stored on Google’s servers, we have the option to delete them. These are the options available to not leave a single bit of information in this record.

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Delete all activity

If you’ve made it this far, you probably want to delete all the information that appears in My Activity in one fell swoop. Do it, the truth is that It is very simple. Almost as much as deleting a browser’s history.

To do so, simply access the mentioned section. We can do it by clicking on our profile picture in any Google service, clicking on “My account” and looking on that page for the link “Go to My Activity”. If it’s a bit cumbersome, we can always remember this address:

Delete Browsing History My Activity Google

Once there, we look at the left column and click on “Delete activity by”. We will access a page in which we must enter the criteria on the period and the products from which the information will be deleted.

If we want to eliminate everything, as we said at the beginning, we must choose “All the period” or “Since always” in the first drop-down menu and make sure that “All products” appears in the second. Click on the “Delete” button and you’re done, all the logged activities will have been deleted.

Delete Browsing History My Activity Google 2

Another option: delete by dates or specific elements

If we do not want to load all the history in one fell swoop and we are clear about what specific activities we want to eliminate, selective deletion possible. We can use the previous option to delete by dates and / or by products or we can use the main screen, browsing it or using the search engine, to find the specific records that we want to delete.

Delete Browsing History My Activity Google 3

Once located, it will be as simple as clicking on the three points of the element in question that are found at the top right and then, choose “Delete” from the dropdown. Between one and two confirmation windows will appear, reminding us what the purpose of registering all this data is for, and after accepting your information to continue with the process, the deletion will have been made effective.