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How to delete my iCloud account forever

22 mayo, 2021

iCloud is the proposal apple cloud, thanks to which iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac devices remain connected to each other, taking into account, yes, the space limitations that iCloud supposes in its free version.

If we have decided to stop using the service and we want delete our iCloud account forever, the process (along with others such as temporarily deactivating it) is carried out from Apple’s recent privacy website), opened last year to comply with the new regulations required by the GDPR.

How to know the data that Apple has about you

Delete your Apple account from the privacy page

Delete Icloud Account

Deleting our iCloud account is a simple process that doesn’t take too long. Before you start get down to business, we can take a look at the services offered by this new Apple page.

  • Obtain a copy of our data: possibility of downloading a backup of all content stored in Apple applications and services (calendars, photos, purchase histories …)

  • Correction of our data: through this utility we can modify any of the data related to iCloud, iTunes, transactions in the App Store …

  • Temporarily deactivate our account: important. We will not have access to any Apple services while we have deactivated our account, but the process is reversible, since when activating it everything returns to normal.

  • Delete account: permanently erase all data related to Apple services.

The least aggressive solution is through deactivate our account temporarily, to be in time to use our iCloud account again at any time. If on the contrary, we are clear that we are not going to use this account again, we proceed to eliminate it permanently.

Delete Icloud Account Consequences

By proceeding with account deletion, we will lose access to the iTunes Store, Apple Books, App Store, and any other Apple services. All those photos and videos stored in iCloud will be deleted, as well as messages saved in iCloud Mail, iMessage or FaceTime.

It should also be noted that those appointments that we have scheduled in the Apple Store will be lost (Although we will not lose the right to repair our device), as well as any subscription we have made with our account.

Apple recommends backing up our data, logging out of any device or browser, and reviewing active subscriptions.

From the Apple page they recommend making a backup (remember that from said website we can get it), since the elimination of the account will be done permanently, without turning back. Before proceeding to delete the account, we will be asked why we say goodbye to Apple service, being able to choose between some predetermined options, or a text box to communicate in a personalized way the reason for our decision.

Once we have taken the (almost) final step, it will be necessary to close all sessions started with the Apple account, provide an alternative email to receive information about the account that we are going to delete, and we will receive a 12-digit code that will be necessary in case of regret after the process.

In the event that we want to go ahead, provided the email and closed the accounts. Apple will remind us what it means to delete the account permanently, offering us in a striking red color the option to delete it, next to the cancel button.