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How to delete videos and photos from WhatsApp to free up space on your mobile

25 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp is the most used messaging tool in the world and it is very likely that the vast majority of your friends and family use it to be in contact with you, which implies that you will receive all kinds of messages, many of them with photos, GIFs or videos. The problem? The storage of our mobiles is not infinite (hopefully) and sometimes we find the happy message that says ‘memory full’.

In many cases, the files that we receive through WhatsApp are responsible for the fact that we have run out of space to save more memes and GIFs of kittens on our mobile. We tell you how to delete those files to reclaim precious space you need so much, but we also teach you how to make a backup so as not to lose anything and most importantly: how to avoid it for the future.

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Step one: back up to Google Photos

You may not want to save any of the files that people send you on WhatsApp, in that case you can skip this step. However, if you want to save all the memes, Christmas greetings, joke videos and other files that you have accumulated, it is possible to make a backup quickly, easily and also for free.

The solution is Google Photos and its unlimited storage for life. To be able to make a copy of your WhatsApp files, you just have to open the application, log in with your Google account and activate the backup in the folders where the WhatsApp files are saved.

Whatsapp Memory Full backup google photos

In the screenshots on these lines you can see the process. First we open Google Photos and access the menu by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines that is in the upper left corner. Then we access the ‘Device folders’ section where you can see all the photo folders on your terminal. Here, just select the folders WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Animated GIFs and ready.

Google Photos will save a backup copy of all the files, but be careful because it is normal to do it when you are connected to a WiFi network, so better wait for the copy to finish before continuing or you risk losing the photos.

Step two: delete photos and videos

But let’s get down to business: delete photos and videos to free up space. There are many applications in the Play Store that promise to clean our WhatsApp, but it is something that we can do manually without further complication, we just have to locate the folders where WhatsApp stores those photos and videos that they send us and eliminate them.

Whatsapp Memory Full delete photos and videos

Depending on the mobile model you have, the design of the photo gallery may change, but in essence the steps to follow are the same. The first thing to do is enter the image gallery and explore all available folders. Obviously the ones that interest us are those generated by WhatsApp, usually called WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Videos and WhatsApp Animated GIFs.

Once located, you just have to open them, select the content we want to delete (If you have made the backup you can erase everything without fear, your files will be safe in the cloud) and delete it.

If you have been using WhatsApp for a while and have never deleted photos and videos, you will surely earn a good pinch of internal memory and the memory full message disappears, but remember to repeat the process periodically so that it does not happen again.

Third step: prevent the mobile memory from filling up with WhatsApp photos and videos

We have already explained how to backup and delete files, but we are missing the most important thing: How to prevent your mobile from filling up with photos and videos again by WhatsApp. Don’t worry, the answer is not to uninstall the app, just make some adjustments in WhatsApp.

Surely you are in several WhatsApp groups in which countless photos and videos that do not interest you are sent, but they are also downloaded filling the memory of your mobile. What we are going to do is [limitar la función de descarga automática](How to disable automatic download of WhatsApp for Android) so that EVERYTHING they send you is not saved, but only what interests you.

Whatsapp Memory Full automatic download

To do this we open WhatsApp and go to the menu in the upper right corner, here we select the Settings option and then ‘Data and Storage’. Within this section there is a block called ‘Automatic download’ where we can decide which files will be downloaded automatically depending on the type of connection we are using.

In addition to saving mobile data, with this option also we can make sure that no photo or video is downloaded to the mobile automatically, just uncheck all the boxes in the three sections (mobile data, WiFi and roaming).

Does that mean you won’t be able to receive photos? Not at all, as we said, by deactivating automatic download we prevent photos and videos from being saved, but we can download them simply by clicking on them.

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