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How to delete your Google account from an Android mobile

22 mayo, 2021

Google knows a lot about us, maybe too much. If you want me to forget everything, the fastest and most direct way to do it is deleting google account completely. It is possible to do it easily from your Android mobile.

There are many reasons why someone would want to delete a Google account. Perhaps you created it for a test, you are not convinced by the name of the Gmail account or you have simply decided to completely break with Google. Whatever the reason, you can delete your Google account in five minutes with your Android mobile.

Everything that Google knows about you can be consulted now in My activity


1. Access Google settings

There are two ways to do the same. If you have the account you want to delete configured on your mobile, you can do the whole process from the Android settings, in the Google section, and then enter Google account.


If you do not have the account configured on your mobile, you can achieve exactly the same from the web version. In that case, you need to open the Google account settings in the browser. You will need to log in with the account you want to delete. The process is exactly the same whether you do it from the Android settings or with the web version.

2. Start erasing

The Google account configuration section is full of sections and subsections, so it is easy to get lost among the options. First, go to the tab Data and personalization, and then scroll vertically until you find Delete a service or account.


3. Confirm your identity

The deletion of the account is irreversible (with a grace period of a few days in case you regret it), so there are a series of security checks to prevent someone from deleting your account in a mistake with your mobile or if you left the account open on a PC.

The first of it is the password, which you must enter again although obviously you already had the session started. In addition, you may be asked to verify your identity from your mobile by tapping on a certain number.


4. Confirm the deletion

Do you think the security checks have finished? Well no, there is one last. In this last window Google forces you to see everything you are going to lose after deleting your account, including your emails, purchased applications and data uploaded to Google Drive.

You shall check both boxes, which forces you to be responsible for pending transactions (and waive pending income that you may have), as well as confirm that you want to delete your account.


It is done. Your Google account has been completely deleted, though you have a short time to regret from the Account Assistance section. Google does not specify exactly how long that “short period” lasts.