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How to delete your PayPal account forever

22 mayo, 2021

PayPal has announced today that, in several countries (for now, not in Spain) it will begin to charge its users up to 12 euros a year each time our account accumulates twelve months of inactivity.

This ‘inactivity’ translates into not having bothered to log into the platform during that time, because the payment of that amount is easy to avoid.

But even if you are a Spanish user, or it costs you nothing to log in once a year, perhaps this news has made you realize you haven’t used PayPal in a while because it is no longer useful to you.

Then, you may prefer to directly delete the account, not? Here’s how to do it.

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Pre-checks before deleting your PayPal account

Before proceeding to close your account, you have to take a series of previous steps to avoid messing up. First of all, delete all your financial information: you can do this from the ‘Wallet’ section of the PayPal account.

Go selecting every checking account and every credit card added to your PayPal account and, at the bottom of their respective sections, click on ‘Get rid of [método de pago]‘.

Then, check if you have money loaded into your PayPal account (You will find the big data on the PayPal website under the heading ‘PayPal balance‘): if so, transfer it to your bank account to avoid losing everything, and wait for the transfer to take effect (it may take a few days) to be able to claim if something goes wrong.


PayPal website homepage.

While you wait for the transfer to take place, you must do a last check: if you have pending payments scheduled and what are, in order to change the payment method for these services once you delete the account. All pending payments will be canceled automatically.

You can check that in the section ‘Setting‘from your PayPal account (Wheel icon, next to’ Sign out ‘)>’Payments‘>’Manage automatic payments‘.

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Once that is done, you are ready to delete your account: all you have to do is go back to ‘Setting‘and in the left column, at the bottom of’Account options‘, you will find the link’Close account‘. Click, follow the instructions … and you’re done.

Close account

Remember that this last step You will not be able to do it from the PayPal mobile app, but you will have to access the web. Well that and what it has no reverse gear: You will be able to open a new account in the future, but yours, with all the information it contains, will be irrecoverable.

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