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How to directly open the desktop in Windows 8

27 mayo, 2021

One of the main novelties of Windows 8, as by now we know more than enough, is the new graphical user interface, which prioritizes the visibility of content and, above all, enhances single-task work using the entire screen of the available to the user.

What is also a fact is that many use this new interface, basically, to press the icon labeled “Desktop” and work like a lifetime, on the classic desktop (which is practically traced to Windows 7). Is it possible to automate this, so that when we turn on our computer with Windows 8 our desktop appears directly? Yes. Is it easy? It can be. Let’s look at different options.


Bypass Modern UI, my recommendation: simple, concise and light

Bypass Modern UI

Bypass Modern UI, as its name suggests (even in the language of Shakespeare), it has a single function: to modify a little our Windows 8 system so that, just after entering the password, the desktop appears directly. Quick and simple.

The tool is free, it does not reach half a megabyte in terms of the size of the two executables it includes (one for 32-bit platforms and the other for 64-bit systems) and it only has to be run once. Of course, for what may happen, I recommend, at the very least, to perform a system restore point, lest we be able to reverse the change.

From my point of view it is the “cleanest” solution, since it does not require modifying just anything to reach our goal. It is important to say that it is possible that executing this patch will make your Windows 8 system say it is not activated; we can activate it again without any problem.

Official site | Bypass Modern UI

Other tools

Applications such as Skip Metro Suite (which we have already told you about) already perform this function, among many others (such as disabling the charms bar and the app changer that appears on the left edge of the screen).

There are even some applications that return something similar to what was the start menu that we had between Windows 95 and Windows 7, such as Start8. However let us remember that the Windows 8 start screen is capable of supplying all the functionalities of that menu, although it does it in full screen and taking the application we are using out of sight.

What does it mean to force the direct launch to the classic desktop in Windows 8?

Changing our system so that it shows the desktop directly when starting it causes us to lose what, for my taste, is one of the best news in Windows 8.

Personally I like to have my news in view as soon as I log into my computer, without having to open any application. Unread emails, next appointment on the calendar, pending tasks, and even some photos thanks to the corresponding application. The Windows 8 start screen allows me to work like this.

However, there are many people who do not particularly like this feature and prefer to jump directly to the desktop to work as they have always done. I have made this article thinking of these people.

Do you know other tools that fulfill this function? Do not hesitate and share them through the comments.

Top image | Microsoft Sweden In Genbeta | Five programs for creating custom tiles in Windows 8 (and icons for them)