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How to disable the Google Assistant

21 mayo, 2021

The Google Assistant It is a powerful tool to solve our doubts, perform voice actions, keep up to date, control our home, or spend time with their games, even so, not everyone is convinced by this Google service.

If you don’t like the Google Assistant, we’ll explain below how to turn it off completely on your Android mobile or tablet, and what does not show you its activation again. You just have to follow the following steps:


Disable the Google Assistant

Disable Assistant

To deactivate the Google Assistant we have to open the application Google go to tab Menu and access Settings. There in the section Google Assistant we go back to Settings.

In that settings window we only have to enter the section Telephone and disable the option Google Assistant. From that moment on it will be deactivated.

Disable assist button

Activate Wizard

If we hold down the Start button, the Google Assistant will inform us with a card that it is ready to help us, showing the activation option. If we do not want that notice to show us, we have to disable assist button.


For this we go to Settings from our Android device. We go to the section Applications or Apps and notifications. There we enter the section of Advanced settings (in previous versions of Android it is the gear icon), and we access Default apps.


There we only have to enter Assistance and voice input and configure what assistance app we want it to run when we make a long press on the Start button. With option Nothing the device will take no action, will not show the card again to activate the Google Assistant.

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