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How to divert calls from one number to another on Android

23 mayo, 2021

In our phone we have a multitude of options that, when it comes time to use them, many people do not know how they are activated. One of them is call forwarding, or in other words, the ability to redirect an incoming call from one number to another.

Fortunately, Android allows you to do it in a few steps and with the possibility of choosing if we want to divert all calls or simply do it in certain circumstances. Next, we explain how you can easily activate and deactivate call forwarding from one number to another on an Android mobile.

Choose when you want to forward calls

Forward Calls

Although it is also possible to redirect calls to another number using a code, the easiest thing is to do it from the mobile itself. To do this, just open the phone app and click on the icon of the three points that we will find in the upper right corner.

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In the drop down menu, we have to select ‘Settings’, enter the option ‘Call accounts’ (in some versions of the OS and in certain layers it may appear as ‘Calls’) and, in the case of a Dual SIM device, choose the card corresponding to the number in which we want to activate call forwarding (in our case, Movistar).

Forward Calls 2

The next step is to click on the option ‘Call forwarding’, which will propose four different diversion options:

  • Always divert.
  • Divert when communicating.
  • Forward when no answer.
  • Forward when off or out of coverage.
Forward Calls 3

Once we have decided which is the option that best suits our needs, all we need to do is click on it, enter phone number to which we want our calls to be forwarded and press ‘Activate’.

Forward Calls 4

Of course, it is possible to select the diversion in one or two options. And to deactivate it in any of them, just follow the same steps, touch on the detour that we have activated and check ‘Disable’. If what we want is to change the number to which they will be redirected, just enter a new number and click on ‘Update’.