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how to do a clean install of the latest version

22 mayo, 2021

Microsoft has already released Windows 10 May 2019 Update, and if you want to update your computer to the latest version, you will have to do it manually through Windows Update unlike on previous occasions, since it already the system will not download and install the update automatically.

Now if you want to do a clean install from scratch, you can downloading the ISO file of the latest version of Windows 10 from the same Microsoft website, and creating a bootable USB disk. Also, you can keep your files and settings if you follow the following steps correctly.

Top Five Features of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Important: If the reasons why you have decided to install from scratch with the ISO is that you still do not receive the update via Windows Update, we have already explained why forcing the update in this way is a bad idea. If it hasn’t reached you, it’s for a reason. Do it at your own risk.



  • You need to have at least 32 GB of free space on your disk
  • You will need a USB drive of at least 8 GB and that does not have anything important that you have not backed up since you are going to erase it completely
  • If you want to keep your Windows 10 configuration across multiple devices, it is necessary that in your current installation you have logged in with a Microsoft account and have active synchronization
  • A Windows 10 license key: this is relatively optional, you do not need the license to install Windows, but you do need a license to activate the system later, if you already have a valid one and have installed Windows 10 before on that computer, it should recognize it. automatic after installation. Although Windows 10 allows you to use the system without a license and without basically any limitation, as long as you do not activate Windows, you will not be able to access any customization options.
  • A Windows computer to create the USB boot disk, can be another or the same one in which you plan to install the system from scratch.

Create a bootable USB disk with the latest version of Windows 10

Download The Tool

Download Windows 10 Installation Media Creation Tool from this link.

Media Creation Tool 1

Connect your USB device to your computer, then run the tool and accept the license terms.

Media Creation Tool 2

Select the option “Create installation media for another PC”.

Media Creation Tool 3

Select the language, architecture and edition. If you are doing this from the same computer where you are going to install the system, the tool will recommend everything and you can use those same options.

Media Creation Tool 4

Choose the option “USB flash drive“and then select your drive from the list. You can choose the ISO option if you plan to do this later with your favorite USB bootable disc creation tool, but for the purposes of this step-by-step, we will use Microsoft’s.

Media Creation Tool 5

Wait for the process to finish and for the tool to confirm that your USB drive is ready to install Windows 10. Now, it is not necessary to back up your files or documents since the way we are going to install Windows 10 will allow us to keep them, but if you want to be extra cautious in case something goes wrongEspecially if you have a passion for your files and it would be very bad to lose them, we recommend that you do it anyway.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update, first impressions: small great quality updates that do not come without their risks

Install Windows 10

Restart your system and as soon as the computer starts to boot again, press the DEL or DEL key on your keyboard several times to access BIOS options.

This varies between all motherboard models, but Search the boot options until you find a way to boot from the Windows USB stick we just created, pay attention that it is the unit that says “UEFI”.

Install windows

Once this is done, the computer will restart again and should start from our Windows 10 installation USB device. Here the first screens are to choose a language, accept license terms or enter Windows key, something that you can skip if you do not have it by hand.

Where you should pay attention is when it comes to choose the type of installation, select “Install Windows and keep files, settings and applications” to keep all your files in this new installation of Windows 10. The rest is just waiting.

Keep Windows Files

While Windows 10 is installing you can have a tea to relax, because once it starts for the first time they will ask you a lot of things about your preferences, especially those related to privacy, before you can start using the operating system. Good luck.

And, if when you start you are worried that you do not see your files in the usual document folders and others, it is because they have gone to a new place. A folder called “Windows old”. You just have to open File Explorer, enter your C: / or “This computer” drive and you will find it there.

Windows Old