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How to do a speed test with Google

27 mayo, 2021

There are many tools to perform a speed test, but now we can also check our connection with a simple Google search. This is how the promise we heard a few years ago is fulfilled.

Many times we are having connection problems, or we simply want to know if the rate we have contracted corresponds to reality. The test, in addition to measuring your speed, offers you a diagnosis about it: if it is fast or slow and what you can do with it (see HD content, etc.)

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How to perform a speed test from Google

It will be as simple as being connected to the Internet, opening the Google search engine and type “speed test”, “speed test” or “internet speed test”. A box will appear and we will have to click on “perform speed test”.

If we need to open a third-party page, we will see the classic odometer that allows us to know the download and upload speed, specifying the megabits per second.

Google has just launched a speed test that can be started directly from the search engine, being the fastest and most comfortable way to do it. I think that this initiative will do a lot of damage to platforms that were very well established, something that will surely affect their visits.

Window And Speed ​​Test Search With Google

A tool that could do a lot of damage to pages that are very well established

Once you are done, give us information about server location and latency. Finally, there are two buttons, one to repeat the test and others that take us to a support page for this tool.

Now it’s faster and easier than ever to be able to check your connection speed. I have tested it from the mobile version and it works correctly, being able to repeat the test from your smartphone or tablet.

The negative part is that this functionality is not yet available in all countries, since some readers comment that from Chile or Costa Rica they cannot make it appear. In Spain it works correctly, and we hope that in the next few hours / days they will activate it in many more territories.