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how to download all your photos to a PC or laptop.

23 mayo, 2021

Apple continues, as for years, offering 5 GB of free storage in iCloud, its cloud platform to, in addition to synchronizing reminders, contacts and others, store our photos in Apple products. If we use the Synchronization of Photos, our contents will be uploaded to the cloud automatically, with the main purpose of saving space in our internal storage.

As in any other cloud platform, we can access these photographs at any time, as well as download them to our laptop or PC. It is therefore appropriate to comment on how to carry out this process, both from the cloud and from the iCloud program for PC.

Downloading our photos from iCloud

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The first way to download our photos from iCloud is to do it from your own page. Just visit to access all of our photos. Once we are here, we select those that we want to download. Once this selection is made, we click on the cloud icon with a download icon, thus being able to download the files in original quality or in a ‘better compatibility’ format (the original file may undergo changes here). This is the first method to download our photos on PC although we can do it without resorting to the Apple page.

How to automatically upload photos to OneDrive, Microsoft's alternative to iCloud and Google Photos

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For the second method, we have to download iCloud for Windows and install it on our PC. It is a 155 megabyte program that can be downloaded for free. Downloaded and executed the program, we will see the photos section, with its corresponding ‘options’ icon on the right side of it. In this options menu, we will see the options for download the photos to our PC, even in Apple’s High Efficiency Files (HEIC).

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Once configured, we will see the direct access to ICloud Photos next to hard drives, being able to download and upload photos from our PC, without the need to access the application or the website. It goes without saying that from maOS we can manage our photos from the ‘Photos’ application, incorporated into the operating system itself.