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How to download an official Windows 10 ISO before the October update, in case of emergency

27 mayo, 2021

Windows 10 received a couple of cumulative updates for both the Fall Creators Update and the April 2018 Update. Those are the last two official versions of Microsoft’s system, and it is important to install them to get your system ready whether or not you want to update to the new October version.

East October 2nd We have a Surface event and rumors suggest that the next major Windows 10 update will be released that same day. Bearing in mind that post-update problems are not exactly rare with Windows, it is a good idea to download an official image of the current stable version , in an emergency and while you can.

Although, Windows 10 offers you the option to revert to a previous build in case something goes wrong with the updateSometimes there are those who have the bad luck that not even that option works for them. Hence, having an image of the latest version that suits you is not a bad idea. Especially if you want a completely clean installation.

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Download a Windows 10 1803 ISO

Windows 10 1803 is the April 2018 update, the one we expect for October is version 1809. At the moment, while we still have April as the current version, it is possible to download the official Windows 10 ISO using the same Microsoft tool that is offered to us to update.

Download Windows 10

The first thing you need to do is go to Microsoft’s official website to download Windows 10. You must do it from a Windows computer, and you must have at least 8 GB of space available to save the image.

Click on Download the tool now and choose a place to save the MediaCreationTool1803.exe program. Run the tool you just downloaded by double clicking on the file.

Windows 10 Installation Program 2018 09 28 12 08 54

Wait for the show to finish making preparations and agree to the terms so you can continue. When the question “What do you want to do?” Is presented, select Create installation media and press “next”.

Choose language, edition and architecture (usually it is enough to leave what comes by default) and press “next”.

Windows 10 Installation Program 2018 09 28 12 09 54

On the next screen you have the option to choose a USB drive and create your boot disk at once, or choose “ISO File”. You can save that ISO file wherever you want and mount your image later from any system.

Select A Route 2018 09 28 12 12 02

Select “ISO file” and press “next”. Choose the folder where you want to save it and that’s it. You just have to wait for the download to finish. Ignore everything that has to do with the DVD, that ISO can be perfectly mounted on a USB in the future.

Windows 10 Installation Program 2018 09 28 12 12 34

There are tools other than Windows’ to create USB boot disks that you can use in any other operating system. Also, remember the reason why we are saving this ISO, in an emergency, do not save it on the computer you are going to update, at least not in the same partition as the Windows 10 that you are going to update.

It is important that if you want this version you download it before the first week of October, unless the next update is delayed, the ISO that is downloaded with this tool will be changed to that of Windows 10 1809 as soon as the update is released.